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August 2002
XM Satellite Radio Print Email
When I was growing up, one of the favorite pickup lines of the day was, "Where have you been all my life?" That old line came to mind recently after I had the opportunity to test a new type of radio service that promised crystal-clear sound quality anywhere in the contiguous United States. After giving this new technology a try, I found myself asking: "XM Satellite Radio, where have you been all my life?"
Imagine having 100 channels of your favorite music, sports programs, talk shows, and news at the touch of a button anywhere you happen to be in the contiguous United States.
Tech & Travel Tips: August 2002 Print Email
If you receive correspondence in cardboard Priority Mail boxes, don't just throw them away. Keep them to use as file holders.
Monaco Cayman Print Email
In 2002 Monaco Coach Corporation designed the diesel-powered Cayman type A motorhome to bridge the price gap between gasoline-powered and diesel-powered coaches. Today, with a manufacturer's base suggested retail price beginning at approximately $113,000 (for the 30-foot model), the Cayman makes stepping into the realm of diesel-pusher ownership a distinct possibility for many motorhome enthusiasts.
Questions And Answers Print Email
Here are a number of questions I've received from Family Motor Coaching readers during the past few months.
Our family enjoys traveling in our motorhome to big events, concerts, and games, but it’s a royal hassle to track down tickets to each venue. Is there an easier way?
Ticketmaster is a national service that sells seats for concerts, performances, and sporting events and is affiliated with the venues for which it sells the tickets.
A Sunflower State Tour Print Email
The Kansas state song is "Home On The Range," and FMCA members soon will be turning their moving homes toward Hutchinson, Kansas, to enjoy the association's Motor "Home On The Range" extravaganza October 1, 2, and 3. These intrepid roamers will be able to identify with the settlers and cowboys who moved from town to town across Kansas.
Kansas is known as one of the biggest producers of grain in the United States; as a place where gunfighters once dueled in the middle of dusty streets; and as a land graced with sunflower fields and beautiful prairie sunsets.
Technical Inquiries: August 2002 Print Email
Q: I had a 1996 Gulf Stream fifth-wheel trailer that had the same problem as David Todd described in his letter (February 2002, page 28). By inserting a bent rod down the toilet drain, you can catch the down tube.
Vive La Sauce! Print Email
One secret to French haute cuisine is its use of sensuous sauces -- used sparingly, but to dazzling effect. Here are some simplified ways to make sauces that will add interest, flavor, and eye appeal to easy meals on the go.
Readers’ Forum: August 2002 Print Email
Dear Editor:
All of us at National RV were pleased to receive our June 2002 issue of Family Motor Coaching, in which technical editor Jim Brightly wrote a review of our Dolphin 5355 gas motorhome. We enjoyed his comments about so many of the coach's features, which he tested as he drove and camped his way from California to Colorado.
The Northern Lights Print Email
Do you know how long the Northern Lights have been around? Thousands or millions of years, perhaps? Try 10. But I'm not talking about the aurora borealis -- I mean the Northern Lights chapter of FMCA.
Ten years ago FMCA members Bob Korb, F116983, and Don McMillan, F128352, both of Traverse City, Michigan, were having coffee while discussing ham radio, just like they'd been doing regularly for about a year.
April Showers 2002 Print Email
Rally masters Martin and Dottie Pierce, L57064, once again saw their vision of FMCA chapters gathering for fun, fellowship, and games come to fruition with April Showers VI, held April 9, 10, and 11, 2002, at Clerbrook RV Resort in Clermont, Florida. This annual rally continues to grow in size, with 110 motorhomes representing nine FMCA chapters this year.
A competitive and friendly spirit was evident during the tournament games that were held throughout the rally.
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