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June 2002
A Loop Tour Through Yukon Territory Print Email
The Yukon Territory is still as wild as it sounds. Look at this region on a map, and you’ll find precious few roads.
Heat Strips and Heat Pumps Print Email
When selecting cooling equipment for your new motorhome, or if you're replacing an existing roof unit, several choices exist. You can opt for a conventional air conditioner, a conventional air conditioner with an optional heat strip, or a heat pump air conditioner.
National Monuments, Historic Sites, Etc.: The Less Crowded Ones Print Email
The United States National Park Service manages 384 areas, including national parks, memorials, historic sites, and reserves. With so many areas in the system, it's no surprise that some remain relatively unknown.
FMCA Members Salute Old Glory Print Email
What does America mean to you? Even if your level of patriotism is higher than most folks', it will be elevated even further by the time you've seen the Flags Over America program.
This pageant presents the flags that have flown over the United States from Colonial days to the present. A narrator explains each flag's history as stirring melodies play in the background, and important historic moments are associated with particular flags.
The FMCA Store Is Now Open Print Email is a convenient way to buy FMCA logo apparel for men and women, and FMCA accessories.
After you make a series of mouse clicks and keyboard entries, items purchased at arrive at your door in approximately seven to 10 days -- if you use standard United Parcel Service (UPS) delivery. never closes, so you can place an order any time of day. Other advantages include no checkout lines; no bags to store in your motorhome; no shopping carts to push around; and great-looking merchandise for year-round comfort.
Come inside. consists of two main areas: one area for shopping and a secure area for checking out.
All customers automatically receive a virtual shopping cart as they enter the store.
Avoiding A Culinary Traffic Jam Print Email
How long does it take to cook a 3-minute egg? The answer to that and many other simple cooking-related cooking questions can be found in The Absolute Beginner’s Cookbook, Revised 3rd Edition ($14.95, Prima Publishing) by Jackie Eddy and Eleanor Clark. If you suddenly find yourself solo in the galley and haven’t a clue, this is the book for you.
Safely Sharing The Road Print Email
From a personal perspective, the most interesting and applicable seminar I have attended at an FMCA convention or rally was offered in 1995 at the first Great Eastern Area Rally (GEAR) in Nashville, Tennessee.
The subject of the seminar was highway safety, and the presenter had driven commercial buses for more than 20 years. He spoke with a great deal of experience and authority.
The Glenn Highway Leads To Alaska Gold Print Email
The 328-mile Glenn Highway through southeast Alaska yields gold. Well, not nuggets, perhaps, but gold in the form of mountains and fertile valleys; glaciers and lakes and streams; farms and museums; and sled dogs, musk ox, and bears.
The Glenn Highway begins at the town of Tok (pronounced "toke") and is also known as Alaska Route 1.
Technical Inquiries: June 2002 Print Email
Q: I have a 2002 Tiffin Zephyr motor coach. I am looking for a supplier that sells an electrical monitoring system that will automatically start my generator when the house battery voltage reaches a preset or low-voltage level.
Readers’ Forum: June 2002 Print Email
It was recently brought to our attention by a transmission engineer at Volvo Cars of North America that Volvo vehicles cannot be flat towed. This is contrary to information previously provided by the company and listed in the "Towables For 2002" article published in the March 2002 issue of FMC.
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