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November 2002
Greetings From Goliad Print Email
Some Christmas travel destinations quickly fade from memory, just like shooting stars. Not so with Goliad, Texas, the "Star of the South." Goliad's stellar attractions shine year-round, but at Christmas the sights and sounds are out of this world.
Imagine a 253-year-old Spanish mission outlined in 20,000 white lights, a spectacle to behold and photograph.
Technical Inquiries: November 2002 Print Email
Q: What kind of information do you have on braking systems for towed vehicles? Can you recommend any system? I have a motorhome with hydraulic brakes and I will tow a Honda Accord.
Don Rader, F169185
Veradale, Washington

The July 2001 issue of FMC magazine included an article ("Supplemental Braking Systems," page 60) that provided brief information about more than a dozen different supplemental braking systems for towed vehicles. The systems were not tested.
What Is RVIA? Print Email
Next to your motorhome’s entrance door, you likely will find a small black-and-gold emblem like the one shown in the illustration. It is the seal of the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA).
Winter Warm-Ups Print Email
Winter camping is a snug and cozy time, when meals are more fun to make, because they warm up the interior of the coach and fill it with great aromas. The family is hungrier, fresh from the ski slopes or biking trails.
The National Atomic Museum Print Email
Since the beginning of civilization, man has sought a bigger stick -- to protect his family, keep the belongings that were his, and, on occasion, to take the things that weren't. This most likely will continue until his time on Earth is finished.
In the early morning of July 16, 1945, in the bleak desert near Alamogordo, New Mexico, on a site code-named "Trinity," man found the ultimate ''stick." With a flash as bright as a thousand suns and an earth-gouging roar, the first atomic weapon was exploded.
Readers’ Forum: November 2002 Print Email
The "Holding Tank Headaches?" article that appeared in the August 2002 issue (page 68) was not properly attributed to Tony Suddon, its primary author. Mr.
Fog And The Forest Print Email
Some years back, we lived in an area that claimed to be the foggiest place in the United States. Old-timers said the location had been used during World War II to test the ability of pilots to land their planes under extremely foggy conditions, and the airport in the northern California town of Arcata had some of the most consistent fog anywhere.
More recently, we checked some weather maps and found that the area along the northern California coast still is as foggy as we remembered -- more than 60 days a year the visibility drops to less than a quarter-mile.
FMCA's Constitution: It's Time To Cast Your Ballot Print Email
Approximately four years ago, FMCA leaders decided to begin the process of developing a long-range plan and modernizing the association's governing documents. The first step was to establish a committee of FMCA members who would be charged with bringing forth a plan that would help to direct the association's future.
Honda's AquaTrax Personal Watercraft Print Email
I was watching TV a few months ago when a commercial that flashed across the screen caught my attention. "Hey, Hon, take a look at this," I called to my wife.
A Rally To Remember Print Email
Members of FMCA's Golden Spike and Western Bounders & Buddies chapters have enjoyed many good times at rallies and different outings throughout the years. But every so often there is one exceptional rally that will be talked about long after it's over.
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