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October 2002
Riding The Rails In The Copper Canyon Print Email
Nowhere does the expression "Ay, Chihuahua!" find a better fit than when it comes to describing an RV piggyback caravan aboard a train through Mexico's Copper Canyon. It's a trek that caravan companies know will impress you, and they're right.
The Copper Canyon is located in the northwestern Mexico state of Chihuahua.
Readers’ Forum: October 2002 Print Email
Dear Editor:
While we were on vacation and traveling near Boise, Idaho, our motorhome was involved in an accident. A truck came across the median from the opposite direction and hit our coach almost head-on, causing it to roll over.
Tech & Travel Tips: October 2002 Print Email
After a year of untangling jewelry chains, I decided that there had to be a better way of storing them. With the help of some self-adhesive hook-and-loop fastening material and some felt, this is the solution I came up with.
Tips To Help You Travel Fit Print Email

This observation from Hippocrates (circa 460-circa 377 B.C.), the father of medicine, indicates that a long, healthful, productive life requires only a moderation of effort.

Monsters Of The Desert Print Email
When most people think of lizards, they picture a cute little critter with a long tail and a lively disposition. But you’ll need to conjure an entirely different image for this desert reptile -- it’s a real monster.
An Amazing Musical Museum Print Email
One might expect to find the world's finest collections of musical instruments in Paris and Vienna. But would you believe Vermillion, South Dakota, also belongs in this category? America's Shrine to Music Museum, located in Vermillion, a small town in the southeast corner of the state, doesn't miss a beat.
A New Choice For Telephone And Internet Service Print Email
Many FMCA members, myself included, have enjoyed the convenience of using the telephone and Internet services provided as a member benefit through FMCA's partner, American Telecom Network (ATN). As an agent for telephone companies, ATN is able to offer lower rates than customers can get on their own; however, ATN is not involved in providing the actual service.
Users of FMCA's phone service through ATN currently receive the service and phone bill from TTI National, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of WorldCom.
Places Where Women Made History Print Email
History books often give men all the credit for the establishment and growth of the United States. What these books fail to recognize, however, is the role women played in the development of this great country.
To The Sea Print Email
It was a Tuesday like any other Tuesday. My wife, Ann, and I had attended the FMCA international convention in Redmond, Oregon, a few days before.
Pushing Daylight Print Email
Most drivers will agree that it is safer to travel during the day than at night. During daylight hours, visibility usually is better (unless there is fog, blowing dust, snow, etc.) and obstacles, pedestrians, and wildlife can be seen more easily and avoided.
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