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September 2002
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A sometimes difficult job can be made easier if your satellite dish is level before you make the necessary adjustments to acquire a signal. An inexpensive tool (less than $5) that is designed to be used to ensure that square posts are level in construction before they are set can be attached to your antenna mast using a rubber band.
RV News & Notes: September 2002 Print Email
Virgil D. Miller, 62, chairman of the board of Newmar Corporation, C4363, an RV manufacturer based in Nappanee, Indiana, died  July 7, 2002, at Goshen (Indiana) General Hospital after a lengthy illness.
"It is hard to put into words what Virgil Miller meant to Newmar," said Dick Parks, who succeeded Mr.
Motor "Home On The Range" Exhibit Guide Print Email
Have you ever tried to describe an FMCA international motorhome extravaganza to someone who has never been to one? Perhaps you said that it's a big family gathering, an opportunity to attend seminars and entertainment, and an RV show, all rolled into one. But even as your friend nodded, you still wondered if he or she really comprehended the scope of the RV exhibits.
Otters Just Want To Have Fun Print Email
River otters belong to the same family, Mustelidae, as badgers, weasels, mink, and until recently, skunks, plus several other species that inhabit North America. Other members of the family can be found everywhere but Antarctica and Australia.
Wichita: Biggest City On The Kansas Plains Print Email
The Plains Indian tribes believed that the confluence of the Big Arkansas and Little Arkansas rivers was a mystical spot. Wichita, Kansas, was built there, and in the 1870s was a rough-and-tumble cow town along the Chisholm Trail.
Readers’ Forum: September 2002 Print Email
The June 2002 issue of FMC contained an article about the 2002 Dolphin motorhome by National RV ("A Dolphin For The Road," page 74). The article noted that the five-speed Allison transmission was equipped with a feature that enabled it to automatically downshift in downhill situations when the brakes were actuated.
A Deductible Lifestyle Print Email
As younger full-timers flood the campgrounds, many of them earning their living on the road, more and more people are entitled to take a full or partial tax deduction for their motorhomes. I’m not qualified to give tax advice, but I do suggest that motorhomers think about deductions if they're making a living on the go.
Go Ahead — Tell A Friend Print Email
Family Motor Coach Association will reach a significant milestone next year. The association will be 40 years old on July 20, 2003.
RV Products: September 2002 Print Email
Product literature compares the Coleman RoadTrip Grill to the Swiss Army knife -- versatility folded into portability. The RoadTrip Grill features two adjustable gas burners, each rated at 10,000 Btus.
The Rannigers Find Happiness On The Lincoln Highway Print Email
Whether you know Jim and Lil Ranniger, F225726, well or have just met them, it won't take long for you to learn how important the old Lincoln Highway is to them. The Lincoln Highway was the first identified and marked highway to run coast to coast in the United States.
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