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April 2003
Wisconsin Dells: So Much To Do Print Email
It's easy to be skeptical when you read that a tourist destination has something for everyone. That's pretty unlikely, you might think.
Beautiful Beaufort Print Email
Its scenery is enhanced by old Southern mansions, tree-lined boulevards, and an oceanside location. No wonder Beaufort (pronounced BEW-fert), a picturesque hamlet in South Carolina, has served as the setting for many motion pictures, including Forrest Gump.
Cruising At 55 Print Email
No, this column isn't about the 55 mile-per-hour speed limit, but a magic number that for many full-timers means the beginning of a drop in expenses as they grow older. Although past surveys I've done for this column revealed that the age range for full-timers starts at 4 and extends into the mid-90s, the median age is in the low 60s.
The Secret To Creating A Hit Album Print Email
It seems that many of us accumulate packets and albums of photos that we have organized by trip. After awhile, it can become frustrating to have to look through all of these separate collections when all you really want to do is show someone several places from a single state.
Technical Inquiries: April 2003 Print Email
Q: I have a Caterpillar 3208 turbodiesel engine in a 1987 Vogue motorhome. The odometer says the motorhome has 100,000-plus miles on it, but I’m guessing it's closer to 125,000 miles, since the odometer didn’t function properly when I bought the coach in January 2001 (the clock says 3,300 hours).
I recently made a 2,500-mile trip and the motorhome used six quarts of oil.
Readers’ Forum: April 2003 Print Email
Dear Editor:
I'm not sure that Edward Wiseman, who wrote the letter in the February 2003 issue, was on the same State Route 89A that I have driven ("Mountainous Arizona Roads," page 174).
We live in the San Diego area and drive to Sedona through Prescott and on to Flagstaff and back. We have done this eight or 10 times over the last 25 or so years.
We drive a 28-foot Roll-A-Long, and our first time over we were pulling a Toyota Land Cruiser.
Have A Javelina Print Email
The javelina, otherwise known as the collared peccary, musk hog, or tayaussa, is the only wild, native, piglike animal living in the United States. The name "javelina" is derived from the Spanish word for javelin or sword.
Arizona’s Red Rock Country Print Email
The splendor of monumental buttes, soaring cliffs, towering spires, and rugged canyons lure visitors to Arizona's Red Rock country, near Flagstaff. There you can see in form and color how the natural world appeared millions of years ago.
Volunteers Make Our Day Print Email
Sometimes I just have to sit back and marvel at what this association has accomplished over the past 40 years. Recently my wife, Sharon, and I were able to attend two area rallies.
The Weight Of It All Print Email
Much has been said and written over the last several years regarding the importance of proper weight and balance of recreation vehicles, or more specifically in our case, motorhomes. This is a complicated issue, to be sure, but I will attempt to clarify it from a layman's perspective.
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