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December 2003
Amazing Albuquerque, New Mexico Print Email
What mile-high city is rich in natural and cultural history, has a mild year-round climate, is bisected by one of the most famous highways in the world, can be seen from the world's longest tram, and hosts the largest and most-photographed hot-air balloon event in the world?
If your answer is Albuquerque, New Mexico, give yourself a pat on the back. Most people associate any reference to a mile-high city with Denver, which lies 450 miles north of Albuquerque.
Tech & Travel Tips: December 2003 Print Email
Afraid of misplacing or losing my keys, I needed a place to keep an extra set that was easily accessible. I found it with this push-button box that can be mounted on the motorhome, holds two keys, and is worth its weight in gold.
Readers’ Forum: December 2003 Print Email
Dear Editor:
A family is an ever-growing life mobile; a formation center for human relationships; a perpetual relay of truth; a museum of memories. All these things a family is, and much, much more.
Have you ever thought about why we are called the Family Motor Coach Association? If you had been in my shoes this past July at the FMCA convention in Buffalo, New York, you would have no trouble answering this question.
Travel The Scenic Byways Print Email
When we decided to look into the National Scenic Byways Program, we had no idea of the breadth of possibilities. Not just any road qualifies as a National Scenic Byway or an All-American Road, which together have been designated by the U.S.
Technical Inquiries: December 2003 Print Email
Now that we have safely returned from a five-week trip to the Midwest, we want to thank the 25 to 30 FMCA members who cared enough to call, write, or e-mail in response to my plea for help in a letter published in the May 2003 issue ("More Stalling And Surging," page 28).
The majority of those who responded recommended replacing the fuel pump in the gas tank, which we did. The result was smooth-as-silk performance this year in all conditions and temperatures, including getting stuck in traffic more than once.
Chapter Services Print Email
One of the greatest benefits of membership in the Family Motor Coach Association is the opportunity to join a chapter. Chapters truly offer the most opportunities for fun and fellowship.
Type A Chassis: The Diesel Pushers Print Email
As noted in last month's "Type A Chassis: The Gas Pullers" story, only two manufacturers build gas-powered chassis for type A motorhomes today. At least 10 manufacturers are vying for the consumer's diesel dollar.
The Future Of Motorhomes Print Email
Recently I spoke with two RV industry executives who assess customers' needs and wants and translate them into product design: Luc Van Herle, motorhome product planning manager for Fleetwood Enterprises, and Patrick Carroll, vice president of product development at Monaco Coach Corporation. I found their comments very interesting.
Van Herle was in the midst of his annual look into a crystal ball to see what motorhomes will look like five years from now.
Ground Squirrel Attacks Rattlesnake! Print Email
Can you imagine seeing a half-pound ground squirrel taking on a rattler? Believe it or not, this is normal behavior for a California ground squirrel. You see, when a ground squirrel senses a rattlesnake around, it assesses the situation for a few minutes, and then it gets confrontational.
Albuquerque Adventure Print Email
I'm very excited about the plans we have made for FMCA's 71st International Convention. It will be the first time we have held a convention in the beautiful Southwest city of Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Several new events are being planned for this convention, which we're calling the "Albuquerque Adventure." Albuquerque offers a unique mixture of cultures, natural beauty, historic attractions, mild and fiery cuisine, museums, and shopping to create an unforgettable visit for everyone attending.
Albuquerque hosts the largest and most photographed balloon event in the world.
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