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January 2003
More On Taxes Print Email
The "Full-Timer’s Primer" column that appeared in the October 2002 issue of Family Motor Coaching emphasized the importance of using wise tax strategies all year, not just on December 31 and April 15. But, as I found out from tax expert Julian Block, full-time motorhomers should be aware of other tax-saving opportunities.
RVing Dos And Don'ts Print Email
Your motorhome came with an instruction manual, but your life didn't. It's a big world out there, with no shortage of off-ramps and activities to pursue.
Now, I'm not one to interfere (okay, maybe I am), but I've given your traveling lifestyle some thought, and I have a few recommendations.
Watching For Gray Whales Print Email
This month’s "Window On Nature" column delves into the natural history of gray whales. So it seemed appropriate in this column to suggest some places where these magnificent mammals can be seen during their 12,500-mile migration.
FMCA's AD&D Insurance Policy Print Email
When I complained to my husband, FMCA Insurance and Risk Management Committee chairman Dick Sherman, about how difficult it is to understand the association's Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) policy, he pointed out two things: 1) It is not a policy that I see in the magazine but simply a description of the policy; and 2) It seems perfectly clear and straightforward to him.
Emergency Medical Assistance Program For FMCA Members Print Email
As any traveler will tell you, the need for good telephone communication is heightened when the road beckons. To help enhance enjoyment of life on the road and provide peace of mind to members, FMCA began offering an emergency telephone message service in 1982.
The Facts Of Real Life Print Email
I remember watching Lisa Whelchel, F264975, on television years ago as Blair Warner, the self-centered rich kid she portrayed in the 1980s sitcom, "The Facts of Life." So, sitting in her motorhome discussing her life, then and now, was quite an experience. Lisa is nothing like the character that catapulted her to teenage stardom.
FMCA's Strategic Plan Print Email
The FMCA Strategic Plan is alive and well. Many of you will recall that the Strategic Plan was approved by the Governing Board at the 2001 summer international convention in Redmond, Oregon.
The plan was developed over a three-year period by an 11-member select committee.
South Central Area Roundup At The "OK" Corral Rally Print Email
The 29th annual FMCA South Central Area Six-State Rally, dubbed the Roundup At The "OK" Corral, was held October 8 through 11, 2002, at Will Rogers Downs in Claremore, Oklahoma. The event took place just a few days after FMCA's 68th Premier International Motorhome Extravaganza in Hutchinson, Kansas, and many of the 450 motorhomes in attendance were driven straight from the wet, muddy convention.
"SLO-town" And Beyond Print Email
As a base camp from which to inaugurate a late-winter sojourn along California's central coast, the bucolic and provincial town of San Luis Obispo is as near perfect as a place can be. The town's name means "Bishop Saint Louis" in Spanish, and it is often referred to by its initials -- S.L.O.
Procedures For Using FMCA's Mail Forwarding Service Print Email
What to do about the mail is always a concern for the traveling family. Motorhomers who enjoy extended summer trips or winters in warmer climes and full-timers who travel wherever the winds may take them are especially aware that keeping up with the mail can be a source of frustration and worry.
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