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July 2003
Readers' Forum: July 2003 Print Email
In the May 2003 issue, an individual was misidentified in a photo caption that accompanied the article "A California Dream Come True." On page 99, 103-year-young Cleo Pryor attended FMCA's 69th International Convention March 21, 22, and 23 as one of the guests of Ben and Marguerite Boyce, F59326.
Member Benefits, Part Three Print Email
This is the last in a series of columns that I have written about the benefits that are available to members of the Family Motor Coach Association. This month I'll conclude my discussion by focusing on insurance, financial services, and additional benefits.
As, Bs, Cs, and Buses Print Email
One of the earliest motorized vehicles equipped for camping was called the Touring Landau, built by the Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Company beginning in 1910. This chauffeur-driven luxury auto included such deluxe camping appointments as a folding washbasin attached to the back of the front seat; a holding tank for fresh water; a toilet (chamber pot-style — a predecessor to the portable potty) under one rear seat and a box containing a luncheon kit under the other side; storage boxes in place of the usual running boards; and a rear seat that could be folded down to make a bed.
These vehicles sold for $8,250 plus all accessories, at a time when the common Model T Ford could be purchased for well under $1,000.
Hot Tips For Summer Meals Print Email
Invite the campground neighbors over for an evening of conviviality and to enjoy these cool, carefree recipes.
FMCA Timeline Print Email
July 20, 1963
26 families gather at the Hinckley School in Hinckley, Maine, to view a solar eclipse.
Finger Lakes Sampler Print Email
A group of long, narrow lakes, shaped like the fingers of a hand, give west-central New York a character like no other. Most experts agree that there are 11 Finger Lakes in all, but most people traveling through the region will notice only the larger ones.
Membership/Member Services Committee Print Email
As chairman of the Membership/Member Services Committee, I want to thank the other committee members for their assistance and for attending meetings with enthusiasm. Jim deBord, F16686S; Roger Merrill, F11560; Jim Moir, F102582; and Janet Stubbs, F107765, are the faithful folk who also serve on the committee with me.
The committee reviews and updates member benefits on a regular basis.
National Parks Of Canada — West Print Email
This is a wonderful time of year to visit Canada's national parks. For the most part, it’s much cooler in Canada than it is in southern latitudes of the United States.
FMCA's Committee System Print Email
The last time I contributed to this column, in the April 2002 issue, I attempted to explain how the governance of FMCA works. You may recall that I also used a chart to help in the explanation.
This month I would like to expand on that theme, and try to develop for you a model of how FMCA's committee system works.
Take Pride In Volunteering Print Email
Forty years ago this month, a small group of families banded together, as volunteers, to help each other in their common interest of owning and traveling in motorhomes, and their quest for mobile recreation. Thus was formed the Family Motor Coach Association.
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