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March 2003
Pomona Product Preview Print Email
FMCA members interested in exploring what's new in the realm of motorhomes and RV products will want to take stock of the exciting array of exhibits that will be set forth at FMCA's 69th International Convention. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, March 21, 22, and 23, more than 100 coach manufacturers and in excess of 400 companies that market RV accessories, components, and services will present their wares in Pomona, California, site of FMCA's "California Dreamin'" convention.
Amazing Insects, Part 2 Print Email
We’ve had a fascinating couple of months finding out about some of the weird insects that live in North America. Last month we wrote about cicadas, surely the loudest insect singers.
A Railroad For The Road Print Email
They say you can't take it with you, and for a while it seemed they were right. I have been an avid model railroader for more than 50 years.
Readers’ Forum: March 2003 Print Email
The "Towables For 2003" article (January 2003, page 66) contained inaccurate information about the Dodge Dakota 4x4. The listing should have indicated that both the manual and automatic transmission versions of this four-wheel-drive vehicle can be flat towed without modification.
In addition, since the article was published, FMC has learned that Mercedes-Benz USA is now advising that none of its automobiles should be flat towed.
Diversity And Perceptions Print Email
Quite often I hear comments from members and non-members that they perceive FMCA to be an organization for well-to-do type A motorhome owners. I can understand how people might get that impression.
Exploring The West Texas Mountains Print Email
Three remote and highly scenic west Texas mountain locations can take you back in time, away from busy freeways, crowded campgrounds, and large metropolitan areas.
Big Bend National Park, Davis Mountains State Park, and Guadalupe Mountains National Park are situated between the huge bend in the Rio Grande at the Mexican border and the New Mexico state line, southwest of Carlsbad. Each of the three areas has its own personality, and all host motorhomers year-round.
The Bavaria Of The Northwest Print Email
You’ll know you've reached the little town of Leavenworth, Washington, even before you see the signs. First you'll spot the rows of gingerbread-style buildings standing shoulder to shoulder, and hear the distant sounds of oompah bands.
News And Views Print Email
Here’s a look at several items that may be of special interest to full-timers.

A new way to rent movies

There are several new DVD rental programs available that are especially attractive to motorhomers who don't want to be tied to  short rental periods or have to worry about returning a movie rented three states back. Already in place is Netflix and a similar program from Wal-Mart, each touting more than 12,000 movie titles from which to choose.
How do these programs work? For approximately $20 per month (plus tax), you receive three DVDs that you can keep as long as you want, trading them in as often as you like for new titles.
Rebirth Of Patriotism Print Email
As I approach the 10th anniversary of my retirement from the United States Marine Corps, I have had several opportunities to witness firsthand the rebirth of patriotism in this wonderful country of ours. I also have had three opportunities to participate in ceremonies recognizing the contributions of former service members.
The first occasion arose this past year when Genny Lucky, L26, a fellow member of the Woman Marine Association, asked me to unpack my Marine Corps dress blue uniform and assist her in the Memorial Day ceremony she conducts at the G.L.A.S.S.
New Member Recruitment Print Email
Since I became president of FMCA, I have emphasized three primary areas that I believe deserve our attention and resources: new member recruitment; the quality of new motorhomes and of motorhome service; and member services. This article will focus on new member recruitment efforts.
Some have asked, "Why do we need new members? We are big enough now." We need membership growth for several reasons, and I will expound upon two.
First, we lose approximately 15,000 members per year.
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