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May 2003
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Dear Editor:
Shortly after we took delivery of a Fleetwood Revolution motorhome from Earnhardt's RV in Mesa, Arizona, my wife, Karen, and I headed to the California Dreamin' convention in Pomona, California -- our first FMCA convention. This is our fourth Fleetwood motorhome and our first diesel pusher.
A California Dream Come True Print Email
Thousands of motorhomers gathered in the heart of Southern California on March 21, 22, and 23 to take part in FMCA's 69th International Convention. The venue for this grand event was Fairplex, located in the city of Pomona, 30 miles east of downtown Los Angeles.
Towing Basics And Equipment Print Email
You're ready to buy a new car and are excited about the many possibilities. After researching on the Internet and visiting dealerships, you come up with a list of vehicles that you like.
Loggerhead Sea Turtles Print Email
We may never see a loggerhead sea turtle in the wild. Even so, it's nice to know they're still out there cruising the coastal waters after 150 million years.
The name "loggerhead" comes from the turtle's large head (10 inches wide in an adult) and the powerful jaws it uses to crush crabs, mollusks, and other bottom-dwelling crustaceans attached to reefs and rocks.
2003 Officer Nominations Print Email
The 2003 election of FMCA National Officers will be held July 16 and 17, 2003, at FMCA's 70th International Convention in Buffalo, New York.
This year's Nominating Committee was elected by the Governing Board in accordance with FMCA Bylaws. Its members are Chairman Nelson K.
Technical Inquiries: May 2003 Print Email
Q: A flat tire on a motorhome while driving on the highway can be devastating. I have seen reports that tire-temperature and air-pressure monitoring devices can provide advance warning of the impending danger.
Ethnic Museums Print Email
We've always enjoyed visiting ethnic museums. Each time we see a new one, we’re reminded of the rich heritage our ancestors have brought to these shores.
Costs: A Reality Check Print Email
Some full-timers coast for years before the roof caves in. Others recognize that their rolling home and the things in it will wear out, rust, fade, and break, and they save for inevitable expenditures.
Member Benefits, Part One Print Email
During the past three years, I have presented a seminar about FMCA member benefits at the international conventions and area rallies I've attended. I believe it is important for all of the membership to become familiar with the benefits of this great association.
Chapters And Volunteering Lead To Many Fun-Filled Moments Print Email
My husband, Russ, and I have spent the past eight years serving as full-time volunteers for FMCA. One would imagine this to be quite an undertaking, but in our case it has been an enjoyable one.
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