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November 2003
Nice And Easy Print Email
Whether you're cooking for two or 12, you'll find a recipe here that's easy to prepare and is sure to tantalize your taste buds.
Low Country Shrimp Boil
The nice thing about this recipe is that it easily can be portioned to serve a dozen people, making it ideal for campground potlucks. For even cooking, choose potatoes that are all approximately the same size.
Touring The Olympic Peninsula Print Email
The Olympic Peninsula forms the northwest corner of Washington, with Puget Sound and Seattle to its east, the Strait of Juan de Fuca to the north, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. That may be its geographical description, but after you experience it, you'll want to describe it with another word: diversity.
An amazingly different array of trees, wildflowers, weather, and land elevations all exist together here.
Readers’ Forum: November 2003 Print Email
Dear Editor:
As many of you know, my husband, Eddie, and I traveled to Buffalo, New York, in July to attend the FMCA convention and the Governing Board meeting. On July 16, the first morning of the Governing Board meeting, Eddie became ill.
Coach House Finds A Happy Niche Print Email
First impressions do matter when it comes to motorhomes. The Coach House Platinum type C, for example, exudes elegance and luxury, and has great eye appeal.
Opportunities Print Email
It is said that opportunity knocks only once. In 1998 I was given the opportunity to serve on the Legislative Advisory Committee, and accepted the appointment with the hope that the work I would be involved in would benefit my FMCA fellow members.
Great Architects, Great Houses Print Email
There are houses, and then there are houses. Some are the cookie-cutter variety, while others incorporate customized features.
The Ins And Outs Of Campground Programs And Fees Print Email
During our first year as full-time RVers, we paid an average of $17 per night in camping fees. That was seven years ago.
Company For Dinner Print Email
This time of year, you’ll notice that birds frequently feed and move about in mixed flocks. Why would they do that? What is the advantage in having more mouths at the table? Actually, there are several payoffs for such behavior.
For one thing, feeding with companions increases the number of eyes and ears available to detect predators.
Check Out The Fossils Print Email
Want to see a fossil firsthand? No, we aren’t talking about your great aunt Mary, but about really old fossils. Check out these national monuments, parks, and recreation areas that claim fossils as part of the reason for a visit.
The Case For A Permanent Convention Site Print Email
There has been much discussion and support through the years for FMCA to have a permanent site for one of its annual conventions. In his final address to the Governing Board at the convention in Buffalo, New York, this past July, immediate past president Jeff Jefcoat, L118344, asked the new Executive Board to give consideration to this idea.
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