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September 2003
Technical Inquiries; September 2003 Print Email
Q: I am puzzled! When not traveling, we keep our Gulf Stream Scenic Cruiser in our garage. I came home the other day and found the LP-gas detector beeping.
Weight And Tire Safety Print Email
According to John Anderson, who founded the Recreation Vehicle Safety Education Foundation (RVSEF) and served as its executive director until he retired this past July, tires probably are the most vulnerable component on an RV relative to weight and overload issues. They also tend to be the most overlooked.
Readers’ Forum; September 2003 Print Email
The telephone number listed for Wiper Buddy in the July 2003 "Technical Inquiries" column (page 28) was incorrect. The correct phone number is (972) 272-8528.

FMC regrets this error.

Holy Cow, There’s A Bird Following Me! Print Email
People feel uncomfortable when they’re being followed, but cows don’t seem to mind. If one of them turns around and sees a chicken-size bird following in its tracks, it gives a bovine shrug and continues eating.
Music Still Reigns At Renfro Valley Print Email
In a dell surrounded by the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Kentucky's Renfro Valley Entertainment Center offers a touch of Americana that time may have forgotten but old-time country music fans love to remember.
Sixty-four years ago, a radio program called the Renfro Valley Barn Dance first originated from this gentle glen. Men, some wearing overalls and plaid shirts, and women, clad in calico dresses and cotton stockings, performed on a stage inside a barn.
Report To The Governing Board Print Email
Editor's note: Mr. Eversmann presented the following report to the FMCA Governing Board during its meeting in Buffalo, New York, this past July.

It is my pleasure to provide an update regarding noteworthy activities within the Family Motor Coach Association.

Celebrating 40 Years Of Fun And Fellowship Print Email
In 1933 when the Broadway musical Forty-Second Street and the song "Shuffle Off To Buffalo" made their debut, few could have imagined the transportation that FMCA convention attendees recently used to "Shuffle Off To Buffalo." In mid-July 2003, more than 3,800 families climbed aboard their high-tech homes on wheels and made tracks to the Buffalo Niagara region for FMCA's 70th International Convention, dubbed "Shuffle Off To Buffalo" in honor of the host area. A total of 4,791 motorhomes gathered for the event in western New York.
Oh, Shenandoah Print Email
As we sat in the garage searching through a box labeled “Shenandoah Valley Memories,” thoughts of that beautiful valley made us long to return. We enjoyed our first visit there, and after rereading those stored materials, we’re pining to return to this part of northwestern Virginia.
Fast And Fabulous Print Email
These recipes cut corners in clever ways. Try them on your next motorhome trip and you’ll save time, cooking fuel, and dish washing.
Hellos And Good-Byes Print Email
Writing this column is the last of my duties as FMCA president. At the 70th International Convention in Buffalo, New York, on July 17, the Governing Board elected new FMCA officers for the 2003-2004 term: R.G.
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