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April 2004
Tech & Travel Tips: April 2004 Print Email
Many of us leave our motorhomes plugged in at home to keep the house batteries charged. The chassis battery, however, loses its charge over time unless the engine is started occasionally.
Life’s A Picnic Print Email
The best thing about motorhome travel is that we have so many dining options. If it’s rainy, cook and eat in the coach.
Gimme Five! Print Email
Recruiting new members to FMCA is an ongoing goal. Every year a number of families fail to renew their membership, for a variety of reasons.
Readers’ Forum: April 2004 Print Email
Dear Editor:
I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the first installment of Bill Bryant's articles about the classic GMC motorhome ("Story Of A Classic: The GMC Motorhome, Part 1," February 2004, page 58).
A Day In The Life Print Email
When I decided to run for the office of FMCA national president, I knew it had a lot of responsibility attached and would require a great deal of hard work and dedication if I were to accomplish my goals and make a difference.
I was correct. It seems I hit the ground running and didn't have a chance to look back.
The 2004 Itasca Horizon And Winnebago Vectra Print Email
Darwin would be pleased. The evolution in the design of motorhome chassis, as evidenced by the all-new Winnebago Industries Evolution chassis, takes the diesel pusher type A motorhome to new levels.
Lichens: Unlikely Organisms Print Email
Although you might not know it, you probably have seen lichens somewhere in nature. Right now some are growing atop a granite rock in our front yard.
RV Products: April 2004 Print Email
The Aqua Saver from PJB Co. is a port that provides a 5.5-inch opening in an RV's fresh-water tank, making it possible to reach the inside of the tank with a brush and to scrub it using a household bleach solution.
Story Of A Classic, The GMC Motorhome, Part 3 Print Email
Produced by General Motors from 1973 through 1978, the innovative GMC Motorhome gained a following that is still as strong — if not stronger — today. This three-part series explores the fascinating history of a motorhome still considered by many to have been far ahead of its time.
Stand Up And Be Counted Print Email
Nobody knows exactly how many full-time RVers roam the roads of North America. Still, those who read this column can help one another by sharing information about their full-timing views and experiences.
Please return this survey by July 15, 2004, to Janet Groene, c/o Full-Timer’s Primer, Family Motor Coaching, 8291 Clough Pike, Cincinnati, OH 45244.
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