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August 2004
RV News & Notes: August 2004 Print Email
Buddy Gregg Motor Homes, C3326, located in Knoxville, Tennessee, hosted a special luncheon and open house this past June to showcase its new paint and body shop facilities.
RV Products: August 2004 Print Email
The four-wheel Rydeon RV Buggy is reported to combine performance and convenience with ease of disassembly and storage. Designed for those who want increased mobility along with speed, comfort, and safety, the scooter has a maximum speed of 10 mph, a range of 25 miles, and is said to be able to climb a 38-degree grade.
Fanatic About Fans Print Email
While some RVers think of fans as being the antiquated predecessor of air-conditioning, and useful only on mild days, fans actually are very practical for year-round use. Air-conditioning has certainly changed our lifestyle during the hottest months, but properly used ventilating fans can make that lifestyle even better when combined with air-conditioning and heating systems.
Carolina Cruisers Lend A Helping Hand Print Email
During the Carolina Cruisers' April 2004 rally at the Walterboro Rice Festival in Walterboro, South Carolina, attendees spent a day away from the festivities to help make life for others a little better, while at the same time remember a good friend.
Readers’ Forum: August 2004 Print Email
The telephone number for Xplorer Motor Homes listed at the end of the article about the Xplorer Xtreme in the July 2004 issue (page 116) was missing a digit. The company can be contacted at (800) 343-2771.
FMC regrets this error.
Chevrolet S-10 Towing
The "Towables For 2004" article (January 2004, page 66) indicated that the Chevrolet S-10 4x4 pickup truck with an automatic transmission is towable four wheels down without modification.
Cascade Mountain Magic Print Email
FMCA’s 72nd International Convention — dubbed "Cascade Mountain Magic" in honor of the host area — will take place at Deschutes County Fair and Expo Center in Redmond, Oregon, August 16, 17, 18, and 19. We visited Redmond in 2001 for a convention and have chosen to return to this location for many reasons.
Surviving Desert Summers Print Email
It’s hot outside our home here in the Sierra foothills, but certainly not as hot as it is in the Southwestern deserts. So, let’s see how the wildlife of that arid environment manage to stay alive.
It’s obvious that searing summer temperatures are hazardous to animals, and that only species adapted to extreme heat and lack of water can survive.
Party Line Print Email
Remember when you could throw a party for 20 in your dorm room? Hosting a crowd in a motorhome is a snap by comparison. Most of us gather at group cookouts and potlucks held in a campground clubhouse or pavilion.
Membership Recruitment Print Email
Just about every association uses some sort of incentive to recruit new members. But no matter what that incentive is, the bottom line is that the person joining the group must believe it's worth the price of membership, or he or she wouldn't align with an association and an ongoing annual expenditure.
With some professional associations, potential members take the organization's test and thereby apply for and receive certification, as well as continuing education credits to maintain that certification.
Detroit Diesel: Motown Muscle Print Email
This is the final installment in FMC's three-part series highlighting the major diesel engine manufacturers — Caterpillar, Cummins, and Detroit Diesel — that supply power plants for the ever-growing type A diesel-pusher motorhome market.
No other place embodies Americans' fascination with and love of the automobile more than Detroit, Michigan. It's where the auto industry grew up.
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