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January 2004
Remco — "The Towing Experts" Print Email
Remco Manufacturing, C1590, has provided motorhome owners with towing solutions for 25 years. Since 1978, when the company introduced its first product, the Drive Shaft Coupling, it has continually developed new products, making it possible for RVers to tow nearly any type of vehicle four wheels down.
Procedures For Using FMCAs Mail Forwarding Service Print Email
What to do about the mail is always a concern for the traveling family. Motorhomers who enjoy extended summer trips or winters in warmer climes and full-timers who travel wherever the winds may take them are especially aware that keeping up with the mail can be a source of frustration and worry.
In The Know On The Go Print Email
Change is a fact of modern life, but each day seems to present more challenges for the full-timer. You must be nimble to keep your balance (and your bankroll), and even small changes can mean a big difference in comforts or costs.
Readers’ Forum: January 2004 Print Email
The "Great Architects, Great Houses" article in the November 2003 issue included two maps of Virginia — one on page 117 and another on page 127. In both cases, that state's Eastern Shore area was inadvertently omitted.

FMC regrets this error.

Technical Inquiries: January 2004 Print Email
While driving through town one day, I stopped for a red light, and when I started to move again, the brakes did not completely release on both front wheels.
New Year Brings Changes Print Email
Here we are again at the beginning of another new year. Each January issue of Family Motor Coaching magazine, also known as the Membership Directory issue, includes the "Member Benefits Guide," a detailed description of FMCA member benefits, along with other information that is published only once a year.
RV Fun For Small Fry Print Email
Who says you need a driver's license to be a motorhomer? Kids can enjoy the Camper Fun Playhouse manufactured by Step2, a company based, appropriately, in Streetsboro, Ohio. This motorhome wannabe is sure to start young imaginations rolling.
Ancient Trees Print Email
This month’s column is devoted to discovering the age of trees, also known as the science of dendrochronology. Listed here are 13 tree species found in North America that include some of the oldest trees in the world, although several of the largest are no longer standing.
New Mexico's Silver City Print Email
It's not on the interstate. It's not anywhere between here and there.
Lincoln And Its War Print Email
It was a war that no one won. It was a time and place where even the men with badges wore black hats.
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