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April 2005
All Aboard To The Inside Passage Print Email
Most motorhome travel involves spending time on the highway, driving from city to city in between your campground stops. But the Inside Passage in Alaska is made up of islands and towns that can be reached only by airplane or boat.
Floating On Air Print Email
Balloon festivals are great events to experience the excitement of flight. What's best is that you can get your thrills firsthand, or, for those with queasy stomachs, by watching others.
Anne Of Green Gables And Other Delightful Things Print Email
Many RVers toy with the idea of visiting the Canadian Maritime Provinces, but they never seem to get around to it. I speak from experience.
Tech Talk: April 2005 Print Email
Q: I am trying to find a good product to deal with the problem of cleaning the black streaks that come down the exterior of the RV. Do you have a recommendation?
Adam Radzik, F335007
South Orange, New Jersey
A: There are numerous cleaning products available that will remove black streaks from the sides of motorhomes.
AFLAC Print Email
Thanks to a white duck we all have become familiar with, I am sure most of you can pronounce the title of this month's commentary. Although Beverly Spurgeon, director of member services, and I plan to cover a couple of items in this month's commentary, I wanted to start off by announcing a new partnership that has recently been formed between FMCA and American Family Life Assurance Company (AFLAC).
Deciphering Tire Markings Print Email
The Federal Department of Transportation requires that certain standardized information be molded into the sidewall of all passenger car and truck tires. Reading this information is a bit of a challenge, as some of the numbers and letters are self-explanatory but others are in code for conservation of space.
Readers’ Forum: April 2005 Print Email
Dear Editor:
The Moose Chapter FMCA is a new chapter being formed at the Northwest Area Rally on June 11, 2005. You do not have to attend the area rally (held at the Linn County Fair and Expo Center in Albany, Oregon) to attend this meeting, which takes place at 2:30 p.m.
KY. Horse Shu Kru Print Email
Amidst the hills of Kentucky thrives an FMCA chapter whose name calls to mind the Bluegrass State’s equine heritage. The KY.
Rabbits And Hares Print Email
Despite their name, jackrabbits aren’t rabbits. Cottontails are rabbits.
Sports Fans, Unite Print Email
My wife, Jeri, and I are avid sports fans, especially when it comes to Oklahoma University Sooners football. We discovered back in the early 1970s that a fun way to use our motorhome was to take it to the home games.
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