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August 2005
Bismarck And Mandan Print Email
Historic spots, modern hospitality, and some of the state’s finer dining and shopping establishments make Bismarck, North Dakota’s capital city, and Mandan, its neighbor across the Missouri River, a good place to visit before or after attending FMCA's 74th International Convention in Minot this month.
Bismarck may be the state capital, but it is a small town. The combined population of Bismarck and Mandan is 72,250.
The Joy Of Uneventfulness Print Email
Remember the thrills and chills we enjoyed from riding a roller coaster or similar attraction at our favorite amusement park? On the contrary, as an RVer, there is nothing like driving from point A to point B without experiencing any white-knuckle events. I love uneventful trips.
Fond Memories Print Email
My wife, Jeri, and I have made many wonderful friends and precious memories through our membership in Family Motor Coach Association. I am dedicating this month's column to our memories of one FMCA friend in particular.
In 1976 Jeri and I became members of FMCA and joined the Rollin' Okies chapter, which I believe was the only FMCA chapter in Oklahoma at the time.
The Klondikers Print Email
The original Klondikers set out in 1896 for the Yukon region of Canada. They struck it rich along Bonanza Creek and its tributaries.
New FMCA Member Benefit: Long-Term Care Insurance Group Discount Print Email
As folks live longer, they may require more assistance during the later years. FMCA hopes to help members prepare for this possibility with a new benefit that provides group rate discounts for long-term care insurance.
Flustered Flushing Folly Print Email
Dear RV Doctor:
We just purchased a clean 1971 RV and have discovered a leaking plastic toilet. The toilet leaks from the top back when the "flush pedal" is in operation.
Organize! Print Email
If you ever have heard professional organizer Debbie Williams on radio or television, you know she takes a commonsense approach to eliminating clutter. Now she has organized many of her best ideas into a compact book, Common Sense Organizing ($13.95, Champion Press).
Grab Your Pony And Travel Print Email
The year 1860 is famous for more than the start of the Civil War; it also marked the beginning of the Pony Express. On April 3 of that year, a batch of mail was stuffed into a mail pouch and tossed on the saddle.
Tech Talk: August 2005 Print Email
Q: Now that we are seeing light-emitting diodes (LEDs) in taillights and interior lights on service panels, when do you anticipate that LEDs will begin to overtake incandescent 12-volt lightbulbs on RVs? It seems that would be the natural progression, and we all would benefit from the lower power consumption.
Peter Jordan
Via e-mail
A: I don’t really foresee LEDs replacing either the incandescent or fluorescent lights found inside motorhomes in the near future, other than those that are already used as accent lighting on the ceilings and along floors. At present LEDs are very expensive, and a main concern for coach manufacturers is the bottom line.
Readers’ Forum: August 2005 Print Email
In the obituary for Don McGrath, past national vice president, Great Lakes Area (July 2005, page 32), it was stated that Mr. McGrath served as Midwest Area vice president from 1996 to 2000.
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