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Georgie Boy Manufacturing LLC offers three different floor plans and three different interior décor choices in this gasoline-powered motorhome built on a Workhorse chassis, including the triple-slideout unit tested.

By Jim Brightly
Technical Editor
February 2005

High, wide, and handsome, the Cruise Master Luxura flows down the highway like a schooner on the high seas. In fact, during our first campground visit while testing the coach this past summer, my wife and I drove up a narrow pathway between closely packed campsites, where I noticed a young boy eyeing us. He stood with his family, alternately pointing at the Cruise Master Luxura and spreading his hands apart like a fisherman describing his catch. I assumed he was trying to explain the motorhome’s size to his family as I maneuvered it through the trees and into its berth for the night.

For a gasoline-powered motorhome, the Cruise Master Luxura is big, with copious amounts of basement storage (more than 200 cubic feet) and abundant pass-through locations. Georgie Boy Manufacturing has registered this basement storage as the Cargo Master Platform. Measuring slightly less than 13 feet in height (12 feet 8 inches) and almost 38 feet in length (37 feet 9 inches), the Cruise Master Luxura is also a wide-body coach at 102 inches wide. However, it’s a fairly easy motorhome to drive, and I'll expound on that later.

Our test unit was a 2005 prototype, and, although this motorhome had a fairly competent carrying capacity when I weighed it with full fuel and water tanks (1,971 pounds), the rear axle had only 300 pounds left for cargo. Not to worry. This coach was still in the development stage when we took it up the Michigan peninsula for testing. Several items on the chassis were subject to modification. Georgie Boy has since lengthened the wheelbase from 242 inches to 252 inches. Company officials report that this wheelbase modification has increased the rear axle cargo carrying capacity to 1,000 pounds and has enhanced the ride and drive of the motorhome.

For 2005 Georgie Boy offers three floor plan options in the Cruise Master Luxura. The 3600 DS is 36 feet 8 inches long and has two slideouts; the 3640 TS is 36 feet 8 inches long and is equipped with three slideouts. The floor plan in our test coach, the 3755 TS, came with three slideouts, two of which are in the bedroom on opposite walls. The curbside bedroom slideout contains a wardrobe and TV cabinet; the slide on the street side moves the head of the queen-size bed. The third slideout, in the living area, encompasses the dining table and the sleeper sofa.

Built on a Workhorse W24 chassis, which has a 24,000-pound gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR), this coach has the appearance of a diesel pusher. But its motive force is supplied by the GM Vortec 8100 V-8 engine, which boasts 340 horsepower and 455 pound-feet of torque. An Allison 2100 MH five-speed automatic transmission translates this power with two overdrive gears. Its park pawl feature securely locks the drivetrain when the transmission is in park.

The Workhorse chassis' Stabil-Ride suspension consists of an auxiliary spring called “Like-Air," as well as single-stage, constant-rate, two-leaf parabolic springs on both the front and the rear axle, with Bilstein shock absorbers and rectangular stabilizer bars (a 2-inch bar in front and a 2½-inch bar on the rear axle). The chassis is equipped with Michelin XRV 235/80R tires, and this coach had steel wheels with stainless-steel inserts. Its gear ratio is 5.86 to 1, and its steering is a variable-ratio (15.7-18.5:1) hydraulic assist, with a 50-degree wheel cut angle.

I appreciated this combination on Michigan’s back roads. In fact, anyone wishing to tour Georgie Boy Manufacturing’s home state of Michigan will see many miles on two-lane roads. Not to worry about driving them with the Cruise Master Luxura, though. It may be a wide-body, but it handles these byways with aplomb.

Even with the gas engine residing below your feet in the Workhorse W24 chassis, this unit has no direct cable connection between the gas pedal and the fuel injection mechanism. The throttle is controlled by a computer wire rather than a physically direct connection. However, I did not notice any difference in control or response.

No matter how powerful an engine is, getting more than 11 tons moving down the highway takes some time. The coach averaged 40.4 seconds when traveling from 0 to 60 mph. (Workhorse data claims the chassis reaches 60 mph in 31.6 seconds.) The Cruise Master Luxura’s gross combination weight rating (GCWR) of 30,000 pounds allows the motorhome to tow up to a 6,000-pound vehicle.

As we journeyed in the Cruise Master Luxura, its fuel economy improved with successive tanks of gas. We averaged 5.4 mpg on the first tank and 6.6 mpg on the second tank. I would think that mileage may continue to improve as the engine and powertrain are broken in.

The chores of hooking up and dumping are made easier by having all connections adjacent to each other. Also, by adjusting the various valves correctly, it is possible to fill the water tank while connected to shore water — there’s no need to disconnect the water hose and fill through a separate intake. The sewer hose storage is next to the dump valves, and a large screw-in cap is positioned directly below the traps.

Each Cruise Master Luxura fender well is lined and fully sealed with pre-formed plastic panels, rather than the spray-on expandable foam that sometimes is used. This prevents moisture damage in hidden recesses of the chassis and also cuts down on the likelihood of moisture forming in the basement storage compartments.

The basement storage compartment doors that are located under the slideouts are equipped with two-stage gas struts. When a slideout is extended, the cargo doors beneath it stop before contacting the bottom of the slide. When a slideout is retracted, the cargo doors beneath it can be raised to a higher angle than usual — almost parallel to the sidewall, thus facilitating the loading process. It's much easier on the back.

Cruise Master Luxura cockpitThe Cruise Master Luxura's cockpit has its share of pleasant amenities. Beverage Mate cup holders that chill or warm the drinks they contain are situated near the driver and navigator seats. Use a non-insulated cup; flip the switch to “hot”; and your coffee will remain warm. For icy beverages, simply flip the switch in the other direction. One might say this is a really cool feature — pun intended.

The driver’s door is equipped with a power window, which can really come in handy at toll booths and state park campgrounds. Both chairs in the cockpit can be turned to face the living area, and elegant three-strand rope ties secure the windshield privacy curtain as you travel.

The surround sound system is connected to the receiver on the dashboard. Normally, the television’s sound is heard through its speakers, but if you press the “aux” button on the dash radio, the TV audio is broadcast throughout the coach via the surround sound system. If you do this, however, volume has to be controlled by hand rather than via the TV remote. A convenient warning on the dash alerts the driver if he or she starts the coach's engine before lowering the TV antenna.

I really liked having the parking brake control on the dash instead of the armrest. It makes more sense to me, because if it's in the armrest, a curious child or rambunctious pet could more easily reach it and unknowingly disengage it.

The outside temperature is displayed on the speedometer just below the odometer, a helpful feature that we'd like to see included in more motorhomes. The odometer readout can be scrolled through using the "trip" button to reveal several choices.

The Cruise Master Luxura interior includes a fabric-covered sofa bed and optional freestanding dinette.The Cruise Master Luxura seats six (number of seat belts) and sleeps four with the optional freestanding dinette. With the standard booth dinette, the coach will seat 10 and sleep five. The fabric-covered sofa bed is extremely comfortable and well padded for sitting and reading or watching television. It is just as comfortable in the prone position — although it’s slightly short for anyone more than 6 feet tall.

Our test motorhome included the freestanding dining table. Two dining chairs rest on a support bracket and are strapped to the table leg during transit. Two extra folding chairs come with the set and are stored under the lift-up master bed.

The front driver and passenger seats are covered in Ultraleather. The third chair, a footrest recliner, also was covered in the Ultraleather material, which is optional on this chair (fabric is standard). The recliner has an adjacent tilt-up table. By using this table and chair, a fifth person can be accommodated for dinner.

The Cruise Master Luxura has just enough fluorescent lights to provide ample illumination when needed, and plenty of incandescent lights to produce a comfortable atmosphere. Eight halogen lights in the living room ceiling can be dimmed to match occupants' moods.

The wood finish used in the Cruise Master Luxura's cabinets and trim is absolutely gorgeous. Our test coach featured the warm, natural cherry stain option, which made us feel instantly at home. The slightly sculptured carpet feels thick and lush to bare feet, and the 1-foot-square vinyl floor tiles have the appearance (but not the weight) of ceramic tile. In case future replacement is needed, the tiles can be changed using a heat gun.

The Cruise Master Luxura features storage galore. In the living area eight cabinets hang along the curbside wall next to the ceiling. Six cabinets line the street-side wall in this area.

In the galley is a large under-sink cabinet that is accessible from two directions; it also has a receptacle for storing the Corian covers for the sink and stove. (Engineers have indicated that these types of covers could become dangerous projectiles during a condition of upset, so it's probably best to carry them in a safe place below the sink while traveling.) The galley also has three large, deep drawers. Even the 10-cubic-foot double-door refrigerator has a small cabinet below it. Next to the fridge is a pull-out pantry with adjustable baskets, and three small drawers beneath it.

Louvered double doors in the hallway open to reveal a large closet with cabinets situated above and below a space reserved for the optional washer-dryer.

When do two halves equal more than one whole? The Cruise Master Luxura 3755 TS floor plan contains two half-baths, which together provide more than twice the utility of a single bath. A half-bath in its midsection contains a toilet and a sink. The midcoach water closet also has a large under-sink cabinet, spacious Corian-edged countertops, three medium-sized drawers, and two medicine cabinets and makeup lights. This rest room is located amidships because the rear bath area is out of reach when the bedroom slideouts are closed. But once you reach your destination and engage the slideouts, you can use the second half-bath, which has a shower and a sink.

Cruise Master Luxura bathThe shower is large and has a seat, and its door is held shut by a strong magnetic strip. While traveling, the latch is set for double assurance. Like the other bath area, this one has ample storage, with under-sink cabinets; a Corian-edged counter for toiletries; a medicine cabinet; and a mirrored shirt closet with large, very deep drawers beneath. Makeup lights flank the mirror above the sink.

The bedroom area can be closed off from the bath areas on either side by pocket doors, which are mirrored on the forward side.

The slideout across from the head of the bed, on the curb side, resembles a scaled-down home entertainment center. It contains a cabinet that houses a 20-inch flat-screen television. The cabinet is flanked by two shirt closets and supported by a large square door concealing a deep, carpeted cabinet with double shelves. Below each of the aforementioned shirt closets and the cabinet are drawers of matching widths, and two small cabinets can be found above the bedroom window. The closet slideout, because of its light weight, requires a locking brace during travel. The under-bed area rounds out the bedroom cabinetry.

Good reading lights are located on either side of the queen island bed, as are nice shelves. Next to the bed, well within reach of even the smallest occupant, is the optional clock radio. Actually, it also plays CDs. It has six presets for each of its several AM and FM bands. However, in the wee hours just before dawn, its clock face seemed as bright as a lighthouse beam. I solved the problem by covering the clock face with a bit of black tape. Company officials noted later that the device can be "powered down" when the alarm is set, which dims the display.

The base suggested retail price of our test coach was $129,044. With the following options, the price came to $143,395: freestanding dinette; Soft Touch footrest recliner; natural cherry cabinetry; bedroom radio.

The Cruise Master Luxura 3755 TS definitely offers plenty of storage space and amenities, and Cruise Master Luxura coaches undoubtedly are worth your attention. As for the unusual floor plan in the unit we tested, company spokespeople noted that it's an either-like-it-or-not scenario, with no middle ground. We decided we liked it; we enjoyed having the half-bath in the middle of the coach and the shower and sink in the rear. If you give it a look, I think you will, too.


Manufacturer … Georgie Boy Manufacturing LLC, 69950 M62, Edwardsburg, MI 49112; (877) 876-9024, (269) 663-3415; fax: (269) 663-2065;
Model ... Cruise Master Luxura
Floor plan ... 3755 TS
Chassis ... Workhorse W24
Engine ... GM Vortec 8.1-liter V-8; 340 horsepower @ 4,200 rpm; 455 pound-feet torque
Transmission ... Allison 2100MH five-speed
Axle ratio ... 5.86 to 1
Tires ... Michelin XRV 235/80R 22.5, load range G
Wheels ... Maxion steel 22.5 x 6.75
Wheelbase ... 242 inches
Brakes ... four-wheel antilock hydraulic
Suspension ... DSP Stabil-Ride
Steering ... power-assisted variable ratio with tilt wheel (50-degree wheel cut)
Alternator ... 145 amps
Batteries ... chassis — (1) 690-cca maintenance-free; house — (2) 600-cca maintenance-free
Inverter ... 60-amp Progressive Dynamics
Electrical service ... 50 amps
Auxiliary generator ... 5.5-kw Onan Marquis, gasoline
Exterior length ... 37 feet 9 inches
Exterior width ... 102 inches
Exterior height ... 12 feet 8 inches
Interior height ... 7 feet 0 inches
Gross combination weight rating (GCWR) ... 30,000 pounds
Gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) ... 24,000 pounds
Gross axle weight rating (GAWR) ... front — 9,000 pounds; rear — 15,500 pounds
Wet weight as tested ... front — 6,819 pounds; rear — 15,210 pounds; total — 22,029 pounds
Payload ... 1,971 pounds
Frame construction ... 1½-inch steel tube floor and 1½-inch aluminum framing walls and roof
Insulation ... 1½-inch block foam
Fresh water capacity ... 89 gallons
Holding tank capacities ... gray water — 71 gallons; black water — 55 gallons
Fuel capacity ... 75 gallons
Fuel requirements ... gasoline
Propane capacity ... 106 pounds
Water heater ... 10-gallon Atwood
Water delivery system ... demand, Shurflo pump
Furnace ... Atwood, front — 31,000 Btus; rear — 25,000 Btus
Air conditioner ... Dometic, front — 13,500 Btus; rear — 11,000 Btus
Refrigerator ... Dometic 10-cubic-foot two-way (AC and LP-gas)
Toilet ... Dometic Traveler, porcelain
Warranty ... coach — 12 months/15,000 miles full, 24 months/25,000 miles structural; chassis — 36 months/36,000 miles
Base suggested retail price ... $129,044
Price as tested ... $143,395


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