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March 2005
American Carriage Originals Print Email
In 2002 Mark and Jocelyn Fechner, founders and owners of American Carriage Originals, C7791, of Tehachapi, California, relocated their coach conversion business from a 7,800-square-foot production facility to a new multimillion-dollar, state-of-the-art complex. The new facility sits on five acres; houses 28,000 square feet of indoor bays, shops, and office space; and includes five full-hookup sites for visiting coach owners.
Ghost Towns Of New Mexico Print Email
Depending on your source of information, New Mexico has more than 150 ghost towns, or 60, or maybe 50. The state’s most famous “ghosts” are, of course, the few that are well publicized and cater to tourists.
Oil Analysis 101 Print Email
We all have heard stories about the coach owner who did all the maintenance per the recommended schedule, watched the temperature gauges, and yet the engine blew with disastrous results. How can this be? Could it possibly be a defective part, improperly torqued bolts, or manufacturing contamination? Who knows, but it happens.
Technical Inquiries: March 2005 Print Email
If you check the Contents page for the location of the "Technical Inquiries" column in the April 2005 issue of FMC magazine, you won't find it listed. No, we're not playing an April Fools' joke on readers.
Membership Profile Print Email
Every four years FMCA sends out a Membership Profile Questionnaire, or survey, to a random sample of members in order to collect statistical information to place in the FMCA Media Planner. FMCA uses the Media Planner to attract advertisers and commercial business based upon the demographics of FMCA members and other information about the membership.
Each time the survey is performed, we try to share the highlights of the responses with our members through this column.
Ride 'Round The Chattahoochee Trace Print Email
Need a new theme for your next trip to or through Georgia? The siren song of the mighty Chattahoochee River has bidden travelers since ancient times. It's no less beguiling today, a shining stream that divides most of Georgia from Alabama and widens into Lake Seminole, one of the best fishing lakes in the South.
Let's look at a map.
Olympia: A Capital Visit Print Email
Olympia, Washington, is not as well known as Seattle, but it has come a long way since the first settlers arrived there. The town, which wraps around Budd Inlet at the south end of Puget Sound, was called Smithfield back in the 1840s.
Readers’ Forum: March 2005 Print Email
The e-mail address provided for Spatial Data Sciences Inc. (SDSI), the company that provides free trip routing for FMCA members, was incorrect as listed in the February 2005 "" column (page 120).
A Success Story Print Email
Occasionally we learn that an FMCA member has successfully dealt with and resolved a motorhome parking rights problem. These situations make good object lessons for the rest of us.
Snowy Owls Print Email
Have you ever seen a snowy owl in the wild? We haven't; we try to stay out of the snow. We wouldn't count it among our "life" birds, but we have seen one on the silver screen in the movie Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
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