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September 2005
Starting At The Top Print Email
Black and white streaks, the RVer's version of barnacles, are a by-product of dirt and grime buildup, mixed with moisture, which has spilled down the sidewalls of the RV. There is no easy way to remove streaks; however, the best way to prevent these unsightly blemishes is to regularly wash the roof.
Now I don't say this lightly, because while crawling around one story above the ground may be matter-of-fact to some people, for most of us it's an episode straight out of "Fear Factor." However, getting up there and washing away dirt and grime is the only way to avoid the backbreaking task of scrubbing away streaks that can permanently stain the sidewall surfaces.
It goes without saying that if you are on medication that can cause dizziness, or suffer a condition that can leave you feeling weak or light-headed, traipsing around the motorhome's roof is not recommended.
The Doctor’s Out — On The Road Print Email
Dr. Dean Edell, F10003, is one of the most recognized physicians in the United States.
Tech & Travel Tips:September 2005 Print Email
We have a 2004 Newmar Mountain Aire motorhome. In one of the exterior storage bays, a piece of fiberboard with 1/4-inch holes covers the right side of the water tanks.
FMCA, Passport America Alliance Print Email
It gives me great honor and pride to announce a continuing alliance between the Family Motor Coach Association and Passport America. Passport America and FMCA have supported one another over the years in this great industry by offering FMCA members the opportunity to become Passport America members, and thus receive some of the best campground discounts available.
Throughout history, great alliances have created new realms of possibility.
RV Products: September 2005 Print Email
RVers with roof-mounted or portable satellite dishes often have difficulty finding a clear line of sight though trees or other obstacles to allow for good reception. The Align-A-Site satellite dish alignment system can help locate openings so the dish can receive an unobstructed signal.
Using the system's handheld sighting unit, motorhomers can survey the area for a suitable parking location with a clear line of sight.
Underground Wonders Print Email
Kentucky is aptly nicknamed the Bluegrass State. But it could just as appropriately have been dubbed the Cave State, so riddled is its wide midsection with subterranean passageways and elegantly adorned, light-free halls.
Leaping Lizards Print Email
Many people don't like lizards any more than they do snakes, but we find these creatures interesting and often delightful. There are more than 100 species of lizards in the United States that sport a variety of shapes, patterns, and colors.
Lizards can be found in every state except Alaska, but the greater numbers occur where temperatures are warm.
Greenville, Ohio: Small Town, Big History Print Email
Before the Wild West existed in the minds of Americans, a place called Greene Ville was at the heart of history in the making.
Today, Greenville, Ohio, is a small town that epitomizes America’s heartland, but in the late 1700s and early 1800s, it was the epicenter of history that helped form this great nation. It was Annie Oakley’s hometown and also is the place of her burial.
Toilet Tube Troubles Print Email
Dear RV Doctor:
I have a Sportscoach III on a P-30 chassis. I need to either shorten or modify the 3-inch down tube connecting the toilet to the black water tank.
Readers’ Forum: September 2005 Print Email
Dear Editor:
Technical articles in RV magazines often leave you blank. But I must compliment writer Peter D.
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