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April 2006
Checking For 240 Volts And Reversed Polarity Print Email
A few weeks ago we were attending a small rally held at an older RV park when I observed three guys hovering around the utility post for one of the coaches. They were in a friendly but intense discussion, so I walked over to satisfy my curiosity.
Country Coach Intrigue 530 Print Email

There's good reason why, halfway between the Southern California coast and the area near Palm Springs, hundreds of giant wind turbines lace the hillsides and valley floor. The prevailing wind travels through a natural funnel-shaped pass that gives it tremendous velocity.

Dothan, In A Nutshell Print Email
When compared to other Alabama cities, Dothan is a bit out of the way. It's far removed from any interstates, making it one of those places you need to travel to on purpose.
Water, Water, Everywhere Print Email
Dear RV Doctor:
I have a water heater that seems to be leaking although I cannot actually see it leaking. But I have a towel placed close by the heater and it does get wet.
The Sky's The Limit At Foretravel Inc. Print Email
Lyle Reed, a retired executive with 33 years of experience in the railroad industry, recently transferred the management skills, business acumen, and enthusiasm he had acquired during that career to focus on the production and marketing of high-line motor coaches. Those attributes now are being applied to Foretravel Inc., C236, a high-line motor coach manufacturer based in Nacogdoches, Texas, that has been an innovative force in the RV industry for decades.
Readers’ Forum: April 2006 Print Email
Dear Editor:
Just a heads up that in Houston, Interstate 10, from the intersection of Interstate 610 westward for approximately 30 miles, is under perpetual construction. It is navigable, but in many cases drivers should proceed with extreme caution and forethought.
Ohio's Amish Country Print Email
We hadn't realized until recently that the Amish are no longer clustered only in the Eastern United States. They now live in half of the country, as well as eastern Canada.
Don't Badger A Badger Print Email
There's no denying it: American badgers do get nasty at times. Maybe it's in their genes.
Chart Your Course For The Lake Erie Islands Print Email
There's something alluring about an island, especially when it's not connected to the mainland by a bridge. The attraction is more than just a physical detachment from everyday life, though; it's that mental million-miles-away-from-it-all feeling you get by simply arriving.
Go RVing: "What Will You Discover?" Print Email
Did you watch the Winter Olympics on television this year? If you did, you probably also witnessed the debut of the new Go RVing television ads. The ads that aired during Olympics coverage kicked off the fourth three-year campaign of the highly successful promotions that have generated significant interest in the RV lifestyle.
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