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August 2006
Concord To Mooresville: The Race Starts Here! Print Email
America's love for the automobile has no bounds. For more than a century it has been a national passion.
Cooking Connections Print Email
Dear RV Doctor:
Q: I have an older (1976) RV I am trying to fix up. I would like to know whether it is advisable to use 3/8-inch copper tubing for my stove/oven instead of 1/2-inch.
Readers’ Forum: August 2006 Print Email
Dear Editor:
I read each issue cover to cover and thoroughly enjoy the articles and "Tech & Travel Tips." In the June 2006 issue you have an article about Charlotte/Concord, North Carolina (page 84). Being a native of Charlotte, I read the article with great interest.
RV Products: August 2006 Print Email
R3 wireless backup camera systemRoadmaster USA Corp. has introduced the VR3 wireless backup camera system to provide drivers with an unobstructed view of the area behind their motorhome when backing.
The VR3 camera lens bolts to the vehicle's rear license plate and has a 110-degree horizontal viewing area and an 80-degree vertical viewing area for complete coverage behind the motorhome.
Tech & Travel Tips: August 2006 Print Email
Every time I remove the battery from my cell phone I break a fingernail or need to find something thin to pry it out. I now use a short length of ¼-inch ribbon that I place in the battery well before inserting the battery on top, allowing the two ends of the ribbon to extend out the sides.
Hospitals With Hookups Print Email
When a hospital permits RV parking in one of its lots, a difficult medical situation becomes much easier for RVers with medical emergencies or in need of specialized treatment, especially full-timers. Here are firsthand experiences from several FMCA members.
“My husband had cardiac arrest and subsequently bypass surgery while we were on a motorhome trip in Oregon," said Jeannie Hinton-Gregerson, F175698.
Back From The Edge Print Email
On July 17, 1979, on Mount Pinos near Frazier Park, California, we stood by the side of a winding road, peering through our binoculars in total silence. What do you say when you are viewing one of the last survivors of a species, knowing that an ongoing argument would determine its continued existence or extinction?
We had been given directions to this spot from birding friends we had met the previous year, but we knew our experience was a matter of luck rather than skill.
RV News & Notes: August 2006 Print Email
Creative Mobile Interiors, C9705, based in Columbus, Ohio, recently finished restoring a major piece of music memorabilia when it returned the MCI tour bus that carried legend Johnny Cash and his band from 1979 to 2003 to its original condition.
The bus, known as "JC Unit 1," was purchased by vintage coach collector Dave Wright of Pinehurst, North Carolina, in late November 2005, and he drove it directly to CMI for restoration. "I would not entrust this job to anyone else," Mr.
Magazine Contributions Print Email
In FMCA's most recent membership survey, Family Motor Coaching magazine once again was ranked first in importance among FMCA member benefits. Recently I identified the need for FMCA members to assist in the recruitment of new members, and what better way to make that happen than by introducing nonmember motorhome owners to this valuable source of information.
"No Shortcuts Allowed" At Travel Supreme Print Email
Glenn Troyer said he had never worked on an RV production line when he made the bold decision to form his own fifth-wheel travel trailer manufacturing firm. With RV production expert Paul Miller, Mr.
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