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January 2006
Frostbite — Once Bitten, Twice Shy Print Email
Frostbite is defined as damage to the skin and underlying tissues caused by extreme cold. In its most severe stage, frostbite can cause the skin and tissue to freeze and turn gangrenous, requiring the affected body part to be amputated.
California's Liveliest Ghost Town Print Email
Nestled at the foot of the colorful Calico Mountains in the high Mojave Desert, midway between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, is the nicest little ghost town you would ever want to visit. Called Calico, it was the site of the richest silver ore discovery ever recorded in Southern California history.
Like all mining towns, Calico had good times and bad times.
Readers’ Forum: January 2006 Print Email
The telephone number listed for Sooner Coaches chapter secretary Rita Millspaugh in the November 2005 "Chapter Spotlight" column (page 44) was incorrect.
The correct number to call for more information about the Sooner Coaches chapter is (405) 820-7177.

Here And There
Dear Editor:
The article "Old And New In Fairfax County, Virginia" (November 2005, page 100) has a map on page 103. The cartographer has placed Mount Vernon on Chesapeake Bay, over 100 miles from Washington, D.C.
Indeed, Mount Vernon is only 10 miles south of D.C.
Working For A Living Print Email
In our own times, it can be tough to make a living. But imagine building a railroad without heavy equipment.
Travel and tourism bureaus Print Email
Alabama Bureau Of Tourism & Travel
P.O. Box 4927
Montgomery, AL 36103-4927
(800) 252-2262
Alaska Travel Industry Association
2600 Cordova St.
Suite 201
Anchorage, AK 99503
(800) 862-5275
Arizona Office Of Tourism
1110 W.
Dry, Dry Batteries Print Email
Dear RV Doctor:
I have a 1994 Winnebago, gas-powered, that I have been living in since the firestorms in this area awhile back. Upon checking the batteries, I found they are dry.
Convention Parking Procedures — Pomona 2006 Print Email
Families will be assigned a day and time of admittance based on the date their registration is received at FMCA headquarters in Cincinnati. All registrations will be divided equally over a three-day period.
A Taste Of Alaska Print Email
The Alaska Travel Industry Association's new slogan is “Alaska B4UDie.” Many motorhome travelers put the Great Land at the top of their travel wish list and, for a lucky few, the state is a second home. Thank your lucky stars that you travel with your own kitchen, allowing you to shop for fresh Alaskan seafood and produce to prepare recipes such as these.

Kodiak Wild Salmon Piroshki
This is my simplified version of a recipe from Kodiak Island.
Factoids For Full-Timers Print Email
Following is a list of advice, books, reminders, and places to find products that will help to keep your life on the road happy and healthy.
Have any ICE?
When you’re unable to speak for yourself because of injury or illness, what is the fastest way to get word to your loved ones? To first responders, "ICE" stands for In Case of Emergency. It’s one of the things paramedics and other emergency workers look for in your wallet or, more recently, on your cell phone.
Put ICE numbers where they easily will be seen.
Benefit Awareness Print Email
The January issue of Family Motor Coaching always includes updated information regarding the many benefits and services available to members of the Family Motor Coach Association. I hope you are aware of them all.
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