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October 2006
The Latest Buzz in Radio Print Email
There are 56 different varieties of chicken soup at the grocery store; Alpo boasts 43 different flavors of dog food (none with the word "cat" in it); and my TV remote has a grand total of 70 tiny, illegible buttons on it. The last bastion of simplicity seemed to be the lowly radio — our one solace in a world that has given us more choices but has grown infinitely more complicated because of it.
Motorhomers Make Tracks To Lowe's Motor Speedway Print Email
For four days in mid-August, RVers assembled their motorhomes on the storied grounds of the Lowe's Motor Speedway in Concord, North Carolina, to participate in FMCA's "Fast Track To Fun" convention. This conclave, the association's 76th International Convention, attracted a total of 4,158 motorhomes: 3,105 family coaches and 1,053 exhibitor coaches.
South Utah's Canyon Country Print Email
Utah boasts numerous jewels of parks that string together nicely on an RV tour across the southern half of the state. Gem tones range from amber to amethyst with abundant fiery ruby throughout.
Meet The Newly Elected And Re-Elected National Area Vice Presidents Print Email
FMCA's Executive Board is made up of four nationally elected officers — the national president, senior vice president, secretary, and treasurer — and the 10 national area vice presidents, who are elected by their respective areas. (The immediate past national president also serves as a non-voting member.) As a result of changes in the FMCA Bylaws that instituted two-year terms, only five areas held a national vice president election this year.
Well, Well, Well Nuts Print Email
Dear RV Doctor:
In one of your articles on holding tank probes you offered the idea of using "well nuts" by drilling a 3/8-inch hole. Great article, by the way.
Hook Up To Senior Discounts Print Email
Judith Babcock Wylie, author of Best Places Destinations: Central California Coast (Sasquatch Books, $14.95), notes in her book, “We are constantly surprised by how many stores, companies, and agencies offer senior discounts if you ask!”
Readers’ Forum: October 2006 Print Email
Page 126 of the August 2006 issue incorrectly contained an advertisement for the 2005 Rocky Mountain Ramble. The 2006 Ramble takes place this month, October 11 through 14, at the Pinal County Fairgrounds in Casa Grande, Arizona.
Happy 75th Birthday, Lake Of The Ozarks! Print Email
When Union Electric Company finished constructing Bagnell Dam in 1931 to create the Lake of the Ozarks in central Missouri, few people would have envisioned it as the popular Midwestern family getaway it has become. Tourism didn’t exist as an industry in this region, and during the Depression few people had the time or opportunity to travel for leisure.
Leave Your Heart In San Francisco Print Email
Remember that old song, "I Left My Heart in San Francisco"? It's easy to lose your heart in and around the City by the Bay. Here are a few of our favorite ways to do so.
Pelicans — Big-Billed Birds Print Email
A popular limerick titled "The Pelican," which most agree originally was penned by Dixon Lanier Merritt, begins "A wonderful bird is the pelican. His bill will hold more than his belican…"
We had just begun our years of full-time travel when we spotted our first real, live pelican.
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