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September 2006
Gadgets For Gearheads Print Email
Thanks to technological innovation, a host of products now on the market make RV travel easier and more enjoyable than ever before. Even the newest motorhomes come out of the factory equipped with gizmos we never would have thought of 20 or 30 years ago.
Trip Of A Lifetime Print Email
Regular viewers of NBC's Today show are no doubt familiar with the human-interest segments filmed by feature correspondent Mike Leonard. For 25 years he's been canvassing cities, towns, and out-of-the-way places throughout America, looking for the quirky, heartwarming, or just-plain-funny story to share with his television audience.
Waste Management Woes Print Email
Dear RV Doctor:
Our black tank in the RV is plugged up in the toilet tank. We bought one of those back-flushing devices and back-washed the tank several times.
What's So Bad About Badlands? Print Email
First question: What are badlands? Second question: What's so bad about them?
The most common answer isn't all that helpful. Badlands are areas where the soil has been extensively eroded by wind and water.
Readers’ Forum: September 2006 Print Email
Dear Editor:
In the November 2005 issue, page 28, a "Tech & Travel Tip" proposes an idea for tethering a dog to a motorhome by installing a special eyebolt for this purpose. I was taught as a child 60 years ago to never tether an animal to a movable vehicle.
Flounder Makes A Splash! Print Email
When a new RV is introduced, the questions to be answered are usually “what?” and “how?” — “What does it come with?” and “How long is it?” But the new 40-foot gas-powered Flounder motorhome has a big "who" and "why" behind it: Who’s manufacturing it and why?
The Royal Gorge Route Print Email
One of the oldest rivers on the North American continent, the Arkansas, wanders through five states before it joins the Mississippi. Along 12 short miles west of Canon City, Colorado (Canon is pronounced "canyon"), it has performed its most impressive work.
Pending In Committee Print Email
Some good news for Minnesota state park patrons, some busy times for committees and planning commissions in California.
Minnesota state park permits
Starting in 2007, motorhome owners won't have to pay a secondary vehicle permit fee for their towed vehicles when visiting Minnesota state parks.
Currently, motorhome owners who tow a vehicle must purchase camping permits for the motorhome as well as their towed vehicle. An annual use permit costs $25, and a permit for a second vehicle, $18.
The Black Hills Print Email
Some folks insist that the Black Hills are actually mountains, but having seen the real thing, we disagree. No matter the type of classification you want to give this region, it doesn't detract from its beauty.
Share the Fun — Recruit A Member — And Receive A Free Atlas! Print Email
The fourth edition of the Family Motor Coach Association North American Road Atlas & Travel Guide is now available to members. I hope you will take advantage of FMCA's offer to send you a free copy of the revised FMCA atlas when you sign up a new FMCA member.
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