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April 2007
John Crean: 1925-2007 Print Email
On January 11, 2007, the RVing world lost a hero. John C.
Wild, Scenic, And Victorian Print Email
On a road map, Interstate 75 makes an impressive dogleg turn once it nears the Kentucky-Tennessee border. If you let the land guide you to the west of that blacktop formation, you'll wind up in a wild and scenic spot: the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area and the Obed Wild and Scenic River.
Encompassing more than 100,000 acres, Big South Fork is the largest wilderness area east of the Mississippi River.
Corinth, Mississippi: A Civil War Crossroads Print Email
By April 1862, the American Civil War had been under way for a year and any thought that the conflict would be short or easy had faded. The North and the South learned the true horror of war when the two sides met in a terrible melee near Shiloh Methodist Church in southern Tennessee.
Gold Diggers Love A Parade Print Email
For more than a decade, members of FMCA's Gold Diggers chapter have traveled to Indio, California, in early January for the Western Area Rally. Chapter members volunteer to help welcome rally attendees by stuffing goodie bags with everything folks would need to enjoy the event, as well as their stay in the city of Indio.
In addition to the good times we have as volunteers, our chapter also loves to participate in the annual rally parade that is traditionally held on the second day of each Western Area Rally.
Typically the theme for the following year's rally is announced shortly after the conclusion of the current year's rally, which gives participating chapters plenty of time to plan their parade presentation, with the objective of landing the top trophy for their entry.
Hummingbirds Print Email
We live in a world where the word “diet” is associated with eating less to lose weight. But the word diet is never used in this sense when discussing the smallest birds in North America.
A hummingbird must eat half of its weight in food every day.
Readers’ Forum: April 2007 Print Email
An incorrect price was listed for the i-Antenna 300 from ANW Devices in the March 2007 "RV Products" column (page 48). The price of $374.95 was for the antenna itself, not for both the antenna and the LinkGauge kit.
PressurePro Tire Monitor Print Email
During our many years of extensive motorhome traveling, potential tire problems were always a nagging concern. We try to stop about every two hours to perform a visual exam of the towing equipment and the tires, but this really doesn’t help much if a tire is deflating in between stops.
Critical Caulk Print Email
Dear RV Doctor:
I just purchased your book, The RV Owner’s Handbook; thanks for the wealth of information. I own a 27-foot motorhome and am about to embark on the “spring shakedown” and want to recaulk any external caulking that might have cracks or leaks, etc.
Managing Money Print Email
This month's column examines what a Health Savings Account is and how it's used, along with revelations from several members of our full-timer's forum on how they save money on camping expenses.
Medical savings accounts
For full-timers under age 65, medical insurance can be a big stumbling block. Although little publicized and even less understood, Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) now cover more than 5 million people.
Basically, an HSA is a tax-free savings account that one would use in combination with a high-deductible health insurance policy.
Best Of The Best State Parks Print Email
It was tough to decide which of the several hundred great state parks to include in this month’s column. The only restriction we placed on ourselves was that we could choose only one park from each state.
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