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August 2007
Travel By The Beacon Print Email
Wrapped in romance, legends, and mystique, American lighthouses occupy breathtakingly beautiful, isolated spots. The simple white profiles and classic architecture have an almost spiritual appeal.
Chasin' The Blues At GEAR 2007 Print Email
The 16th Great Eastern Area Rally (GEAR) took place May 3 through 6, 2007, at Agricenter International in Memphis, Tennessee, with approximately 550 member and commercial coaches filling the grounds for the extended weekend. The "Chasin' The Blues" rally was co-hosted by Eastern Area vice president Judy Czarsty and her husband, Steve, and Eddie and Elizabeth Baker.
Activities began on Wednesday night when members of the Frustrated Maestros Eastern Sharps and Flats performed a few songs, followed by an informal welcome by Judy Czarsty.
Find It On The Internet Print Email
Find radio frequency, food safety, and data storage info via the Web; forum members provide communication, coach selection, and security advice.
When it comes to finding information quickly, a full-timer's best friend is a computer with Internet access. Check out these Web sites the next time you're online.
Tuning In. To find the best local radio stations no matter where you roam, go to and enter the zip code for your current location.
RV Products: August 2007 Print Email
Silva Tech4O Handheld Outdoor Data CenterThe Silva Tech4O Handheld Outdoor Data Center from Johnson Outdoors Inc. was designed with the outdoor enthusiast in mind.
The unit features a digital compass; an altimeter with graph display; a barometer with 24-hour trend display and weather forecast; and a thermometer.
Tech & Travel Tips: August 2007 Print Email
During a recent motorhome trip, we had loaded cardboard boxes into our outside storage compartment. After we arrived at our destination, I opened the storage door to find that there had been a fire.
One-Stop Power Print Email
Get ready to start using a new term — "power unit" — instead of generator or gen set when talking about a motorhome's onboard energy provider. With the roll-out of the Hybrid Quiet Diesel (HQD), a fully automatic, two-button electrical system, Cummins Onan introduces the term.
Heat Strip How-To Print Email
Dear RV Doctor:
I bought a heat strip for my Duo-Therm roof air-conditioning unit and I don’t know where to install it. I know it is the correct type for my unit, but I can’t quite figure out where it goes.
John Justice, Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania
John, first you must remove the plastic ceiling air distribution box.
Snake River Valley Print Email
The Snake River is a very long body of water that flows west from Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming to join the Columbia River on its quest to the Pacific Ocean. Along the way it cuts through a good portion of southern Idaho, and winds northward to form part of the boundary between Idaho and Oregon.
The Multicolored Moon Print Email
See the moon in a different light during a total lunar eclipse this month.
Wolf moon, storm moon, harvest moon, hunter’s moon. The Earth's lunar neighbor goes by many names as it crosses the sky in shades of whitish-gray.
Tech Talk: August 2007 Print Email
I have a 2003 Alfa See Ya diesel pusher with a 7.2-liter Caterpillar 3126 engine with 26,000 miles on it. Is there any way to test a turbocharger, or is there any kit out there to check the boost or performance? The reason I ask is that the coach seems underpowered for the first hour of driving but after that it feels better.
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