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December 2007
Work Ethic Print Email
Job searching while full-timing; accessible travel resources; a Titanic book; and coach organization tips.
For some folks, becoming a full-timer is the ultimate retirement adventure. You live where you want, do what you like, and enjoy the fruits of all your hard work over the years.
Optima Industries Print Email
Making an entry into the world of luxury motorhomes is no small task. Not only must the manufacturer be on the cusp of coach-building technology, but it also must have a dealer network.
Ancient Secrets Print Email

When J.C. and Inez Ware inspected the site for their new home in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, in 1971, they made an amazing discovery.

Unforgettable Floating Museums Print Email
When it comes to great ship museums, San Diego has two of the best in the United States — the Maritime Museum of San Diego and the USS Midway Museum. Between them they provide an opportunity to tour eight treasured vessels.
Tales About Tails Print Email
These appendages tell a story in the varied ways animals use them.

Outside our window the rain begins to fall a bit harder, but the local gray squirrel just uses its tail as an umbrella to keep the drops from bouncing off its head. Evidently, the acorns it is collecting are more important than the slight discomfort of a little moisture.
Backpressure Braking Print Email
If you have owned a gasoline-powered and a diesel-powered motorhome, you don’t need to be convinced of the advantages of the diesel engine. Most RVers know that diesel engines produce more torque at much lower rpm than the equivalent gasoline engine, offer enhanced fuel economy, and have a longer service life.
Discover Gold In Pomona Print Email
In 1848 gold was found in a creek near Sacramento, California. Once word got back to the rest of the civilized world, a large migration west ensued.
National RV Pacifica Print Email
If ever there were a natural proving ground for any kind of vehicle, and especially a 40-foot diesel-pusher motorhome, California State Route 74, also called the Ortega Highway, is it. It winds from sea level up to where it crests at the top of the Santa Ana Mountains and then drops dramatically down to Lake Elsinore below.
Winter Warm-Ups Print Email
Whether you’re wintering in the Sunbelt or using your motorhome for ski trips and snowshoe hiking, winter appetites call for heartier meals. Here are recipes that are kind to the cook, filled with homemade goodness, and easy on the cleanup crew.
Sweet Potato Puff
Eggs turn this into a creamier, more substantial side dish than sweet potatoes alone.
Alberta Wild Rose Print Email
Games and plenty of music characterize this Canadian chapter's activities.

Imagine sauntering up to a rally of FMCA members where plenty of live music is being played and exciting games are under way. That's what Alberta Wild Rose rallies are like.

It is an unusual coincidence that musicians who play the violin, accordion, trumpet, saxophone, guitar, drums, keyboard, and more are represented in this one chapter.

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