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February 2007
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Splatter Protection

I thought I would let folks know about a simple solution I've installed on my last two coaches to help keep the cooking area clean. Carefully measure the area behind the stove -- from the top of the trim around the stove to the bottom of the cabinets, and from side to side -- and have a glasscutter cut a piece of 1/8-inch Plexiglas to fit the area to be covered.

RVer's Guide To Atlanta Print Email
"South of the North, yet north of the South, lies the City of a Hundred Hills, peering out from the shadows of the past into the promise of the future." W.E.B. DuBois wrote these words almost a century ago about Atlanta, and they still ring true today.
Atlanta is perhaps confused about its identity.
RV Products: February 2007 Print Email
iWay 600c Navigation systemAccording to product literature, the iWAY 600c from Lowrance Electronics Inc. is the first portable GPS navigation device to offer dual routing capability, allowing users to navigate both highways and waterways.
The iWay 600c, which includes a 30-gigabyte internal hard drive, comes preloaded with NAVTEQ digital map data of the United States and Canada, plus electronic charts with depth contours for U.S.
Great Breaks Along Georgia's Interstate 75 Print Email
Not even the Georgia Department of Transportation knows exactly how many vehicles travel up and down Interstate 75 each year between the Georgia-Florida border and metropolitan Atlanta. But it's an endless stream that includes snowbirds migrating south and north, and families throughout the year making their way to and from the famous amusement parks in the Sunshine State.
Rocky Mountain Ramble: Earth, Wind, Fire, And Water! Print Email
The “Desert Coyote Fiesta,” the Rocky Mountain Area’s 23rd Annual Ramble, was held in Casa Grande, Arizona, October 11 through 14, 2006. Nearly 500 family coaches, 82 display and demo coaches, and 60 vendor booths filled the Pinal County Fairgrounds for four days of fun, food, and great fellowship.
Travel Intelligence Print Email
For years, the U.S. Government Printing Office has been a good source of helpful publications on every topic from saving money on groceries to maps of major Civil War battles.
Tech Talk: February 2007 Print Email
Q: I have a question about a 1986 Fleetwood 22-foot motorhome that was given to our family two years ago. After using it on a couple of short trips and one longer trip out east, I would like to know if it is possible to change out the four-barrel carb to a two-barrel.
Broken Drain Plug Removal Print Email
Dear RV Doctor:
The head of the nylon drain plug on my water heater broke off while removing it to drain my Atwood water heater. Is there a trick to removing the remainder of the plug without damaging the threads? Hopefully, I'm not the first person to ever experience this.
The Sagebrush Sea Print Email
If you’ve traveled across the United States, you’ve probably seen the "Sagebrush Sea." Sagebrush grows in eastern Washington and Oregon, most of Nevada, across southern Idaho and Wyoming, and in isolated areas in Utah and Colorado. With it covering so much territory, it was interesting to discover that nearly all varieties of sagebrush are endemic, meaning they grow nowhere else in the world.
Sagebrush thrives where the winters are long, the summers are hot and dry, and the wind blows no matter the season.
Of course, a broad range of altitudes and varied amounts of rainfall are found in an area as large as the Sagebrush Sea.
More Hometown Recipes Print Email
With last month’s column we began a series on hometown recipes. Here is another batch of regional specialties to try as you travel.
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