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June 2007
Tech & Travel Tips: June 2007 Print Email
Awhile ago we read of someone having trouble hanging clothes in a closet that has a metal rack with holes rather than a wooden rod. We've found that putting the hangers in backward works quite well in this situation.
Overnight parking Print Email
Rest areas along interstate freeways generally prohibit overnight parking, but many malls, truck stops, fraternal lodges and shopping center parking lots allow it. Always check with local authorities to make sure you’re not breaking any local ordinances.
These notes from FMCA's Motorhome Parking Etiquette letter pertain to overnight parking at establishments that permit "dry camping" on their lots.
Anstetts Squeeze Big Fun Out Of Small Motorhome Print Email
If you happen to run into Jim and Ottilie (Olie) Anstett, F44848, of Loveland, Colorado, and strike up a conversation with this couple, they'll tell you that motorhoming “changes your life." You'll also learn about the benefits of owning a smaller motorhome – and a GMC at that.
We met this couple in 1989 in Canon City, Colorado, at our very first FMCA rally. We arrived with our three children and mixed in slowly with what was primarily a group of retired folks.
When The Highway Is Your Home Print Email
Food allergies can make it dangerous and, for some, even deadly to eat in restaurants. A new book titled Let’s Eat Out! Your Passport to Living Gluten and Allergy Free by Kim Koeller and Robert La France ($24.95, R&R Publishing), could be a real lifesaver.
RV Fire Safety Print Email
Last year my wife and I were emerging from a Cracker Barrel restaurant when we spotted a distraught woman trying to open her pickup’s hood. Since fairly heavy smoke was billowing from beneath the hood, we ran over to help.
Rediscovering Redmond Print Email
Central Oregon is known for scenery that includes mountains, caves, canyons, and waterfalls. The region is big enough, too, that you will find plenty of room to spread out and have some fun either before, during, or after the FMCA convention in Redmond August 13 through 16.
In Redmond, as throughout this area, good golf is easy to find.
House Calls: June 2007 Print Email
Our day/night blinds have broken threads. Is there a way to fix or rethread them, or should we purchase new ones? Both living area blinds broke only days apart.
We also have a musty smell and taste in our water.
Watching Doodlebugs Print Email
These insects with the funny name really "dig" their dinner.
It’s often much easier to find the tracks or marks that a critter leaves than to discover the critter itself. But sometimes you're just not looking closely enough.
Tech Talk: June 2007 Print Email
The January 2007 issue of FMC magazine indicates no special requirements regarding setting up a 2007 Jeep Wrangler for towing four wheels down. I read in a Wrangler owner’s manual that there is now a final step 12 that is included for towing preparation.
Readers’ Forum: June 2007 Print Email
Editor's note: Below are just a few of the comments we've received thus far regarding FMC's new look, which debuted with the May 2007 issue. The magazine staff is currently collecting comments from readers regarding the redesign as we assess the new look ourselves.
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