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November 2007
Simple Suppers Print Email
Reduce your time in the kitchen with these easy-to-prepare meals.
The slow food movement is gathering momentum, but that doesn't mean you have to eliminate shortcuts. These recipes were chosen for their traditional taste yet time-shaving appeal to motor coach chefs.
Thanks to Judy Nelson, F144141, for sharing this delicious soup.
Hey There . . . Volunteer! Print Email
Countless opportunities exist for motorhomers to use their time and talents to help make the world a better place.
Forty-five million Americans are involved in some kind of volunteer activities. Eighty-five thousand of them volunteer in the country's park systems — national, state, county, and local.
Maintaining The Good Life Print Email
A new mail option; estate taxes; free information; managing food costs.
As always, this column’s focus is on people whose motor coaches also serve as their homes. Full-timers’ needs are unique, their problems varied, and their lifestyle enviable.
Night Sight Print Email
Physical adaptations allow nocturnal animals to see through the darkness.
Off in the distance, under a moonless midnight sky, a meadow mouse rustles nearly unseen in the dry stubble of last season’s grass. The mouse feels a sense of security in the dark surroundings, but on the other side of the meadow, perched on a dead branch, an owl watches it intently.
Many creatures are more active at night, and most see quite well in the dark.
Sun Wheelers Print Email
This fun and loving bunch rallies right in RV-owners' heaven, and they know it!
Northeast Florida and southeast Georgia might just be the chewy caramel center of the RVing world. Campgrounds abound, the weather is hospitable most of the time, and your motorhome is a welcome part of the scenery, right along with the sunshine and flowers.
So is it any wonder that Sun Wheelers chapter members, who all live in this region, hold their rallies here, too? There are exceptions, but typically rallies occur "within about 125 to 150 miles of Jacksonville," explained chapter president Doug Pearson.
Rallying And Racing In Portland Print Email
If you love to watch auto racing, you really would have enjoyed the Monaco Northwest chapter rally at the Portland International Raceway in Portland, Oregon, June 8 through 10, 2007. This three-day event included the Star Mazda, Atlantic, and Champ Car series races.
Drip, Drip, Drip Print Email
Dear RV Doctor:
We have a single-lever faucet on our shower that has a continuous drip when the water heater is on. I carefully replaced all the parts within the faucet with a kit, but to no avail.
Tech Talk: November 2007 Print Email
I have a 37-foot 1998 Pace Arrow on a Ford chassis. My generator won’t pull fuel from the chassis' fuel tank even when the tank is full.
Readers’ Forum: November 2007 Print Email
Two images were incorrectly identified in an article about braking systems in the October 2007 issue ("Stop On A Dime"). On page 85, the top illustration depicts a drum brake; the bottom, a disc brake.

Battery Talk
Dear Editor:
A couple of comments about the September 2007 article on batteries ("Basic Battery maintenance," page 66).
Diversity And Perceptions Print Email
From time to time I hear comments from members and nonmembers that they perceive FMCA to be an organization for well-to-do type A motorhome owners. I can understand how people might get that impression.
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