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April 2009
Coachmen Avant-Garde Print Email
Four reasons underscore why the 2009 Coachmen Avant-Garde Type A gasoline-powered motorhome makes good sense. First, even in these challenging economic times, the base manufacturer's suggested retail price of the Avant-Garde is $102,900, a competitive figure in the Type A motorhome market. Second ...
RV-Friendly Retailers Print Email
Outdoor outfitters Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops operate destination stores that extend the welcome mat to traveling RVers, offering ample parking at many of their locations.
Quebec's Gaspe Peninsula Print Email
The Gulf of St. Lawrence surrounds this dramatic point of land, which abounds with breathtaking nature scenes and historical attractions.
Pumped Up! Print Email
If your motorhome is not equipped with an on-board air system, consider a portable air compressor to help complete a variety of maintenance tasks around the coach.
Missing Member Alert Brings Out The Best In Us Print Email
As FMCA members, we take pride in being an extended family and having concern for each other. When a member is in need, there are always others ready to step forward and render assistance. On February 11, FMCA members demonstrated just how far we are willing to go to help.
Convention Questions And Answers Print Email
We occasionally receive inquiries from members who say they are interested in attending an FMCA international convention but are hesitant because they are not familiar with the types of activities that will take place at the event and the services offered.
Readers' Forum: April 2009 Print Email
Fan Mail For Tim Ruddy

Dear Editor:
I always enjoy reading Tim Ruddy's articles, as  I experience so many "been there, done that" moments. One request of Tim if possible ...

Tech Talk: April 2009 Print Email
Cooling It With A Colorado

I just purchased a 2008 Colorado 4X4 and I am going to tow it behind my RV. I want to know whether I need to do anything other than put the transfer case in "neutral"? Does the steering wheel lock when the key is removed?

House Calls: April 2009 Print Email
Thin Wall Mounting Dilemma

Dear RV Doctor:
The license plate and license light bracket are ready to fall off the rear cap of our motorhome. The screws have become loose. What’s the best way to reattach these items to a thin wall (approximately 1/8-inch thick) with foam insulation behind it?

Tech & Travel Tips: April 2009 Print Email
Drain Plug Handle

Since my husband is not always available to drain the black and gray water tanks, I have had to take on this job. The tanks have disk-type drain plugs that are almost flat when screwed in properly. The only problem is that they are hard to get started and tend to cross thread when ...

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