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August 2009
Understanding Your Ice Maker Print Email
A discussion covering the operation and troubleshooting of ice makers — both stand-alone units and those built into absorption refrigerators.
The Liberty Coach Legacy Print Email
The Konigseders’ love for the RV lifestyle then led them to acquire an old 1954 Greyhound GM 4104 bus chassis (with 2 million miles on it) from Greyhound and convert it into a family motor coach in 1968. The conversion took a year to complete, and Frank Jr. candidly admits that it proved to be an adventure.
Toronto: A Family Affair Print Email
Make a family trip this summer to Toronto, and bring the entire crew. Here’s a glimpse of attractions to please everyone from 8 to 80.
Kids' Section Print Email

Try the word search, word scrambler, picture identification challenge and more. Two pages of fun ...

Kids' Section PDF

A New Ice Maker Water Line Print Email
Fix that leaky water line without completely removing the refrigerator by following the instructions in this do-it-yourself project.
House Calls: August 2009 Print Email

Multiple Pump Switches

Dear RV Doctor:
I need to add a third water pump switch in the toilet area of my RV. As of now I have a three-way switch on the master control panel and another three-way switch in the outside plumbing compartment.

Semper Fidelis Print Email
It is hard to believe my two-year term as FMCA’s national president is already concluding. These last two years have passed so quickly, and I can honestly say I am sad to see them come to an end. I have such fond memories and will always look upon this as a special time.
“Why We Joined FMCA” Print Email
As members know, FMCA is a wonderful organization to belong to. It enables us to better enjoy and utilize our motorhomes; helps us to learn more about them; and provides a means for us to meet other folks who are as keen on RVing as we are.
Readers' Forum: August 2009 Print Email
Adding Up Amps

Dear Editor:
In the July 2009 "House Calls" column (page 22), the answer regarding the usage of 12-volt or 6-volt batteries noted that two Group 24 (12-volt) batteries connected in parallel will yield approximately 170 combined amps of storage.  

Tech Talk: August 2009 Print Email

Ant Infestation

Do you have any ideas on how to rid an RV of ants (the very small kind)? We cannot seem to find their nest or point of origin.
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