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December 2009
Slideout Savvy Print Email
By understanding how your motorhome’s slideouts work, and taking the time to maintain them, you can enjoy trouble-free operation for years.
Jayco’s 2010 Precept Print Email
Jayco has nicknamed the 2010 Precept the “Escape Artist.” Since this Type C motorhome is based on the popular and economical Sprinter chassis, Escape Artist is a solid and succinct sobriquet for this high-mileage hustler, which I had an opportunity to inspect at a recent Las Vegas RV show.
Ladies, Get Behind The Wheel! Print Email
In the world of RVing, I have heard many myths about certain tasks that are said to be gender-specific. Many women have commented that driving their motorhome would intimidate them. They fear that their husbands would criticize their driving and that operating a motorhome is not a feminine thing.
Adventures In Driving Print Email

Shortly after we moved to the Southwest, the real adventures began. At ages 65 and 67, with neither of us having ever owned an RV before, Sandy and I pooled funds again and bought a new 32-foot motorhome.

Sand Dunes Print Email
Many people think of deserts as large areas of drifting sand, but actually only about two percent of North America’s deserts contain sand dunes. ... Many dune areas are now state or national parks and monuments with easy access, but a few require travel on dirt roads. Always check locally before leaving the paved highways.
Mail Forwarding Monthly Service Fee Increases Print Email
In 2008, when FMCA's leaders worked on the budget for the 2009 calendar year, changes suggested to balance the budget included a proposal that members using the Mail Forwarding Service begin paying a portion of its associated costs.
Oklahoma Pow-Wow Print Email
The “Oklahoma Pow-Wow,” the 36th edition of the Six-State Rally (also known as the South Central Area Rally), was a great success. Just as the American Indians powwow each year to celebrate their heritage, FMCA members gathered at the ...
Tomorrow’s Motorhomes Print Email
This story isn’t about the latest equipment and accessories found in model-year 2010 motorhomes. This is a peek into the future, thanks to technology insiders who answered my call for a look into the crystal ball. ... here are some predictions as to how full-timing will be safer, greener, and more fun in future years.
Flying Free: Butterflies In Homosassa Print Email
A bright butterfly flashes by you, and then another of dazzling brilliance comes along. You realize you are in a most uncommon place. Such are the sights along a side street in Homosassa, Florida.
House Calls: December 2009 Print Email

A Flawed Finish

Dear RV Doctor:
We purchased a 1992 Coachmen Type A motorhome about four years ago. Since it is parked outside all the time, 90 percent of the clear-coat finish has peeled off (except for the bumpers), and the decals have faded and are severely cracked.

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