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April 2010
Rear View: April 2010 Print Email
During  a motorhome trip, how do you peacefully coexist with other occupants (spouse, children, grandchildren, etc.)?
Temporary Transportation Print Email
For those who don’t have a permanent tagalong but still want to explore their surroundings in a smaller car, renting a vehicle is an option. Here are some tips for getting the best deals from the rental companies.
What’s New In Taxes Print Email
State and federal tax rules change so quickly, even professionals have trouble keeping up. Now more than ever, it’s important to keep taxes in mind all year, not just at income tax time.
RV News & Notes: April 2010 Print Email
Renegade Introduces Ikon

Bristol, Indiana-based Renegade/Kibbi LLC, which specializes in building motorhomes for the racing community, has expanded its product line with the IKON, a new model targeting the general RV market.

RV Products: April 2010 Print Email
Key Protection

The Key Buoy from Davis Instruments Corporation can protect fishermen, boaters, and anyone else who spends time around the water from losing their keys if dropped in a lake or ocean.

Motorhome Menagerie Print Email
It may seem odd to see a “Welcome To The Ark” sign at the entrance to Jim and Clare Fleming’s 2005 Mandalay motorhome, or notice the license plates that read “The Ark” on the front of the coach and on the nearby golf cart. But when you knock on the door and hear a cacophony of barking, cheeping, and squawking coming from inside . . .
House Calls: April 2010 Print Email
Noisy Water Pump

Dear RV Doctor:
The water pump in my motorhome is turning on about every couple of minutes without any faucets calling for water. It is also very noisy and vibrates the pipes down the side of the RV. There are no apparent leaks, kinks, etc. What could be the problem?
Tech Talk: April 2010 Print Email
Treatment Time

I have a 1996 Winnebago motorhome with a Cummins diesel engine. In the fall I filled the fuel tank and added diesel fuel treatment before storing it for winter. The next year we didn’t get a chance to use the motorhome except to drive it maybe 50 miles or so. Will the fuel be okay this year if I top it off again and add some more fuel treatment?

Readers' Forum: April 2010 Print Email
January Cover History No Longer A Mystery

In the March “Readers’ Forum” column, we asked readers to help us identify the photo on the January 2010 cover of Family Motor Coaching. According to Al Conrads, L1236D, the photo was taken the weekend of June 20, 1975, during a 20th Century Wagontrainers chapter rally.

Windows On The World Print Email
I often think of just how I got started down this road of the RV lifestyle. I had always dreamed of being able to travel wherever and whenever I wished in comfortable surroundings, with amenities such as hot and cold running water, a color TV, and a familiar bedroom and bath.
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