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Family Motor Coaching magazine - Back Issues - December 2010
FMCAssist Member Benefit Print Email
This enhanced program provides emergency medical evacuations and a variety of other assistance services for FMCA members traveling in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.
Waste Management, Part 1 Print Email
Gather two or three motorhome owners, engage them in a discussion of RV plumbing systems, and the discourse invariably will turn to one of the most displeasing, yet necessary, aspects of RVing: waste containment, evacuation, and sanitation.
Tiffin Allegro Breeze for 2011 Print Email
Amid much fanfare, RVers, industry pundits, and first-time buyers perusing the offerings at consumer RV shows across the country have embraced the new Allegro Breeze, produced by Tiffin Motorhomes of Red Bay, Alabama.
Perry, Host Of FMCA’s "Southern Homecoming" Print Email
The Georgia town where FMCA's 85th Family Reunion & Motorhome Showcase will take place has several new attractions that will impress even longtime visitors.
Fun Florida Stops Along Interstate 75 Print Email
'Tis the season when Eastern snowbirds pile supplies into their motorhomes and head south on Interstate 75 to the Sunshine State. What follows is a sampling of several Florida attractions that may cause snowbirds to "land" for a while and explore.
The Kit Carson Carousel: Spinning Dreams And Memories Print Email
“It’s such a mess, it might be easier to burn it than clean it up!” was the consensus of folks in Burlington, Colorado, when they took a look at their carousel back in 1937.
Keep Those Classics Rolling Print Email
Born from a family-owned company in east Texas in the spring of 1984, she was a grand example of unequaled quality and attention to detail. This elegant vehicle — a Foretravel motorhome — stood tall and proud, gleaming in orange and white against the Texas sun, waiting to carry her new owners in style and comfort.
Digital Postcards Print Email
Buying and sending postcards while traveling can be quite expensive. But with a little bit of effort and one inexpensive click, I’ve found that I can e-mail unique and very personal digital postcards. Best of all, the same click can send the card to as many people as I want.
12 Years And Counting Print Email
The common theme I hear from others who love RVing goes something like this: “We are traveling but feel like we are still home. We have our own bed and household belongings, and we feel comfortable.” I never really appreciated what they meant until 1998.
Peace On Earth Print Email

I wrote this poem several years ago as I watched the first snow of the season fall unexpectedly before we had a chance to pack our motorhome and move to a warmer clime for the winter. I'm sure Canadian FMCA members can relate to that feeling. I felt I should share it with you in this last month of 2010.

Readers' Forum: December 2010 Print Email
Remembering George Snyder

Dear Editor:
We personally lost a true and good friend with the passing of George P. Snyder Sr., L1852, September 21, 2010, and so did FMCA. George was always ready to promote FMCA as he traveled around the United States, Canada, and Mexico with his family.

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