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June 2010
Family Radio Communications Print Email
Many motorhome owners find it convenient to communicate with fellow travelers using two-way radios, which offer some advantages over cell phones and CB radios.
Monaco's 2011 Cayman Print Email

Having lived and worked aboard a 2007 Monaco Cayman for a year, I am definitely into the familiar stage with this particular model. So, it felt a bit like visiting an old flame when I traveled to Monaco RV headquarters in Coburg, Oregon, to check out the latest 2011 Cayman model.

Rockin’ In Redmond Print Email
The evening entertainment lineup for FMCA’s 84th International Convention, August 11 through 14, 2010, at the Deschutes County Fair & Expo Center, features three performances that are sure to make nighttime the right time for excitement during your stay.
The Best Darn Sand Pile On The Oregon Coast Print Email

Let your mind wander back to those carefree days when you played in a sandbox filled to the brim. Remember the smiles? Now, fast-forward to the south-central Oregon coast, where you can supersize that fun at Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area.

Diamonds In Arkansas Print Email

Diamonds in Arkansas? Well, I suspect that Little Rock was named for a different kind of stone, but, yes, there are diamonds in Arkansas just as certainly as there are palm trees in Florida.

Wired For Safety, Part 2 Print Email
This three-part series examines the intricacies and safety issues that relate to a motorhome’s 120-volt-AC electrical systems, and provides information about how to protect individuals and the motorhome when this electric source is being utilized. Part 2 examines safety precautions and necessary tests along the route of electric from the pedestal to the distribution panelboard, as well as generator and inverter output testing.
Point Of Light Print Email

I was sitting talking with a few FMCA members about the “old” days. You know, way back when I was little. I reminisced about how many times as a commercial pilot I had flown across this country, both in daylight and darkness.

Readers' Forum: June 2010 Print Email

Another Nostalgic Note

Dear Editor:
In regard to the cover of the January 2010 issue of FMC, the first motorhome in line on the left is a Traveliner that was owned by Vic and Vi White. They were from Australia . . . 

Tech Talk: June 2010 Print Email

Anti-Ant Attack

Regarding the “Ant Infestation” letter in the August 2009 Tech Talk column (page 20), we have on several occasions also been infested with ants.

House Calls: June 2010 Print Email

Boiled Batteries

Dear RV Doctor:
I just bought a used motorhome equipped with dual auxiliary batteries. I used my voltmeter to test them and got a reading of only 8.5 volts. When I checked the cells I found they all were almost dry.

Tech & Travel Tips: June 2010 Print Email

Leaf Indicators

Every time we put our table leaf back in, we had to figure out which side went where. So, we used a black marker to mark the prongs on the table as well as the corresponding prongs on the leaf.

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