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May 2010
Riding On The Wind Print Email

FMCA's 83rd International Convention in Albuquerque, New Mexico, just concluded, and as I write this we are headed back to the East Coast. I think a great time was had by just about everyone who attended.

Readers' Forum: May 2010 Print Email

Vent Fan Tip

Dear Editor:
There is an error in the wiring diagram of the "Cleaner Air" tip in the February 2010 "Tech & Travel Tips" (page 24).  As wired, the fan can run only for a max of 80 minutes, which is the highest limit on the timer. Also, both switches would have to be on for the fan to operate.

Recall Corner: May 2010 Print Email
Winnebago Industries Inc. has announced NHTSA recall 10V088000, which affects 2010 model-year Itasca Sunova D33C and Sunstar E30W, and Winnebago Sightseer D33C and Vista E30W motorhomes built from July 16, 2009, through January 14, 2010. The potential number of motorhomes involved is 79.
Tech Talk: May 2010 Print Email

Kooky Cables

We have a 1986 Fleetwood Limited with three batteries. We need a diagram that shows how to hook up all the wires from the alternator to the battery isolator. For some reason, our cranking battery is discharging while the motorhome is being driven and is not being recharged.

House Calls: May 2010 Print Email

Waterless P-Trap

Dear RV Doctor:
Recently I was at an RV show, and I noticed that under the lavatory sink there was not a regular P-trap, just a straight fitting or adapter. Any idea what this was? I thought all sinks had to have a water lock to keep the holding tank fumes from getting inside the motorhome.

Tech and Travel Tips: May 2010 Print Email
Extra Plates

Have you ever run low on plates when friends stop by your motorhome? Ever had trouble finding paper plate holders? We carry an extra supply of paper plate holders — Frisbees.

South Texas Renegades – 30 Years And Still Going Strong Print Email
On September 19, 1978, a group of 12 couples, under the leadership of Bob and Lavonne Humphreys, met in Rockport, Texas, and enthusiastically laid the groundwork for a new FMCA chapter that would become known as the South Texas Renegades.
RV Products: May 2010 Print Email
Waterless Cleaning Accessory

The Wash Wax Mop from Aero Cosmetics is said to make cleaning the exterior of the motorhome safer and easier when using Wash Wax ALL waterless cleaning products.

RV News & Notes: May 2010 Print Email

Earthroamer Brand Revived

Bill Swails, designer of EarthRoamer XV-LT and XV-JP Xpedition Vehicles, has teamed with former key managers to start a new company and relaunch the EarthRoamer motorhome brand.

A Rose By Any Other Name Print Email

Throughout our many years of travel, we’ve always enjoyed foraging for wild foods — often native plants, but sometimes escapees from civilization (just like us). In order to safely eat plants that others might simply consider part of the scenery, we’ve given ourselves a crash course in botany...

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