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Family Motor Coaching magazine | February 2011
RV Products: February 2011 Print Email

Dog First-Aid Kit

Dr. Bill’s Dog First Aid kit is said to include everything necessary to handle most first-aid situations for canine companions.

Weigh Me! Print Email
When you overload a motorhome, the extreme weight can cause axle bearings to fail prematurely; shorten tire life; allow unsafe swaying in crosswinds or on curves; increase driver fatigue; and cause the suspension to sag by putting undue wear on its components.
Tire Safety Print Email
Tires are perhaps the most overlooked and the most vulnerable component on an RV. They also are the most important. They are the vehicle’s contact point with the road, serving as the foundation for your house on wheels. As such, they should be given the same attention and care as the vehicle’s engine, suspension, transmission, and other systems.
“Southern Homecoming” Seminars Print Email
Increase your knowledge of motorhoming and other subjects that enhance the lifestyle when you attend FMCA's 85th International Family Reunion & Motorhome Showcase in Perry, Georgia.
Georgia's Civil War Battlefields And Forts Print Email
Stand on a battlefield where teenagers, adults, and older gents all ate, slept, drank, told stories, cleaned weapons, wrote letters, and followed orders. Walk around a fort where brave Confederate soldiers defended their way of life to the last. You can do all this and more either before or after your visit to FMCA's next convention in Perry, Georgia.
Cowboys And Dinosaurs Print Email
You can feel as though you have returned to those Wild West days by stopping along Interstate 75 northwest of Atlanta, Georgia, in little Cartersville.
Fleetwood Expedition for 2011 Print Email
Our journey with a 2011 Fleetwood Expedition took us up the Maine coast from Portland to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park at the height of fall foliage, with breathtaking color and scenic landscapes that could easily grace the pages of National Geographic.
Wounded Marine Triumphs, “Inch By Inch” Print Email
On October 31, 2010, former United States Marine Corps Sgt. Eddie Ryan lived out a dream in Washington, D.C., as he competed in the 35th annual Marine Corps Marathon. Four hours and 57 minutes later, the 26-year-old crossed the finish line with his team of runners, officially completing his first-ever marathon.
First-Timers Print Email
Have you ever thought about all the adventures (or should I say misadventures?) you had when you first started motorhoming? Well, I’ve been thinking about that, and I have to admit that many of the errors we made can be traced back to me.
Readers' Forum: February 2011 Print Email
Winterizing The Water System

Dear Editor:
In the November 2010 issue of Family Motor Coaching, the "House Calls" column (page 18) mentioned using blowout plugs to winterize your coach's water system. These are excellent devices and will remove water from most, but not all, places in your coach.  

Tech Talk: February 2011 Print Email
Electrical Nightmare

I have a 2003 Monaco Dynasty motorhome with an electrical problem that has puzzled just about everyone I’ve spoken with about it. It all began more than two years ago when I started the generator and the engine to return to Canada. The inverter began to sound an alarm...

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