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Family Motor Coaching magazine | January 2011
FMCA Member Benefits Guide Print Email
Membership in the Family Motor Coach Association brings with it a wealth of benefits that are of value to the motorhome traveler. All FMCA members should take the time to read through this guide to ensure that they are taking advantage of everything their association has to offer.
New, Old "Good Old Days" Print Email
As I sit in my motorhome and reflect on recent events, I can’t help letting my mind drift back to the summer of 2009. Charlie Schrenkel had just been elected FMCA's national president, and I had been elected national senior vice president. We were overjoyed at the honor of being selected to lead FMCA.
Readers' Forum: January 2011 Print Email
"Round-Up" Gratitude

Dear Editor:
ProLiteracy would like to thank all of the members of the Family Motor Coach Association who have donated to our organization by rounding up their membership dues.

Tech Talk: January 2011 Print Email

My 1991 motorhome is built on a Ford chassis with the 460-cid engine. It will go about 20 miles and then lose power, and I have to keep my foot on the gas feed to keep it running. It’s like it is not getting enough gas.

House Calls: January 2011 Print Email
Foul Battery Odors

Dear RV Doctor:
On a recent camping trip, our motorhome was connected to 30-amp shore power. During the night, our carbon monoxide (CO) alarm went off. Since there was no stove or furnace operating, I concluded the alarm must be defective. I did notice the coach battery compartment was warm to the touch.

Tech & Travel Tips: January 2011 Print Email
Coffee Cup Organizers

We have a small collection of coffee cups we bought at some of our favorite destinations. We use 14 different cups; one for each of us every day of the week. When traveling, we slip them into women’s socks to protect them.

Six-State Rally Returns To Its Roots Print Email
“Return To Rally On The Red,” the 37th annual Six-State Area Rally, was held at the State Fair of Louisiana in Shreveport September 29 through October 3, 2010.
RV Products: January 2011 Print Email
Pet Toy

The Petprojekt Bonbal from Otomik Products Inc. is a two-in-one toy said to provide hours of entertainment for your dog.

RV News: January 2011 Print Email
River Raisin National Battlefield Now A National Park

River Raisin National Battlefield Park in Monroe, Michigan, was officially announced as the 393rd park in the National Park System. The War of 1812 battlefield was set aside by Congress with legislation signed by President Obama on March 30, 2009.

Cooking on the Go: Choo-Choo Chew, Chew Print Email
Stephen Fried’s new book, Appetite for America, is the story of Fred Harvey restaurants, once found at every major rail station in the Western United States. Mr. Fried’s book isn’t a cookbook, although it does have several recipes. It’s a treasure for travelers, historians, nostalgia buffs, and those who love the Old West.
Tree Squirrels Print Email
Although we often go hiking in search of birds and mammals, many times our best looks come through the picture window of our motorhome or just outside the windows of our home office.
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