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Family Motor Coaching magazine | April 2012
MCD Innovations Print Email
After realizing the limitations of the exterior sunscreens on their new motorhome, Dave and Carla Townsley believed they could make something better. So they did.
A Shady Solution Print Email
An FMCA member upgrades his motorhome by installing new interior window shades from MCD Innovations.
A Toast To Okanagan Wineries Print Email
Crossing the international border between tiny Oroville, Washington, and British Columbia, Canada, via U.S. 97 brings you into one of the most exciting wine-producing areas in all of Canada. The semi-desert Okanagan (pronounced oak-a-NOG-in) Valley is well known for its abundant vineyards, world-renowned wineries, and fruit-laden orchards, as well as beautiful, sparkling lakes and dazzling scenery.
The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Print Email
The final space shuttle mission ended July 21, 2011, but we still recall seeing — and feeling — a shuttle takeoff. As the last few countdown seconds ticked down, a loud bang was followed by a sharp metal-to-metal clank as the launch tower separated from the ship. The entire assembly shuddered, and the booster engines ignited; then, the booster and solid rocket engines fired.
A Dog-Gone Good Trip Print Email
When traveling with a four-legged family member, plan ahead to ensure a smooth and enjoyable time for all.
Phoenix Cruiser 2910T Print Email
Phoenix USA is out to prove you don’t have to give up features and amenities while enjoying the motorhome lifestyle on a smaller scale. In fact, a smaller motorhome may mean a lower initial investment ...
Tech & Travel Tips: April 2012 Print Email
Map Light Project

The map light in our motorhome was a recessed unit with a convex lens. It was very bright, and the light would shine in everyone’s eyes.

President's Message: Fueling Our Passion Print Email
A motorhome is not only a place to spend the cold winters in much warmer surroundings; it is still an economical way to visit areas and points of interest close to wherever you park. This is true for those who flock to Southern climes for the winter and those who use their motorhome for the occasional weekend getaway.
Executive Director's Commentary: Ladies And Gentlemen, Start Your Engines! Print Email

Several years ago, I was invited to Carburetion Day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Other than going to a demolition derby or a tractor pull at our county fair, I had never really attended an event of this magnitude. I could feel the vibration in my chest as the cars circled the oval track. It was truly exhilarating.

Readers' Forum: April 2012 Print Email
Montana Repair Recommendation

Dear Editor:
We wish to give a big "shout out" to Baker Towing & Repair of Butte, Montana (521 Cobban St.; 406-782-4743). On our trek from Illinois to Idaho in our 2004 Country Coach Magna, we discovered a major problem: a hole in a line of the power steering hydraulic system behind the radiator and just below the engine.
Tech Talk: April 2012 Print Email
Maintaining Towable’s Battery

In the August 2011 “Tech Talk” column there was a letter about Honda CR-V battery problems (page 22). I also use a 2009 CR-V as my towed vehicle and had the same problem with the battery dying while it was being towed. I recently went to a local trailer hookup and welding company and found a wonderful solution.

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