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Family Motor Coaching magazine | March 2012
Allison Transmission Mode Button Print Email
Save fuel and help your motorhome operate at peak performance by learning how to manipulate the transmission's shifting schedule.
Mrs. Winchester’s Mystery Mansion Print Email
What stands four stories high, encompasses six acres, has nine kitchens, 10,000 windows, 47 fireplaces, and 13 bathrooms, but only one shower?
Sanitizing The Potable Water Tank And System Print Email
Sanitizing the motorhome’s potable water tank and fresh water system starts with draining all the old water out of the tank and the water lines.
A.C.E. By Thor Motor Coach Print Email
As the economy continues to regain its foothold, consumer interest in smaller yet still feature-filled motorhomes has been stirred. Thor Motor Coach has addressed this trend with an evolutionary motorhome that combines the best of Type A and Type C RVs — the A.C.E.
Springtime At Arches National Park Print Email
Many times it seems that the most striking natural beauty is found only at the summit of a steep mountain, the bottom of a deep canyon, or at the end of a rugged hiking trail. Not so at Arches National Park, near Moab, Utah.
Kay Toolson: “Keep Getting Up” Print Email
Now retired, former Monaco RV CEO Kay Toolson looks back on golden times and the bumps in the road.
Our Best Anniversary Ever Print Email
In our view, one of the best things about RV travel is parking our motorhome in places where life happens in the open, sometimes raw and uncensored. The interactions we watch day-to-day are often pleasurable, such as a parent showing love and care to a child. Other times, they take on a sad twist.
President's Message: In The Beginning . . . And Now Print Email
Years ago, in July 1963, to be exact, a number of families gathered on the property of the Hinckley School in Hinckley, Maine. Some had met before and knew each other; others were meeting for the first time. They had been drawn together through their common interest in traveling via motorized, self-contained camping vehicles.
Readers' Forum: March 2012 Print Email
Got Spinners?

Dear Editor:
Here's a photo of a back wheel of our Newmar Mountain Aire motorhome. My husband, Rick, gets credit for this idea: we have spinners!
Tech Talk: March 2012 Print Email
Replacing Tires

I’m thinking about replacing the tires on my 2005 Sportscoach even though there are only 34,000 miles on them. I keep my coach garaged, the tires are always covered and set on heavy-duty plastic, and the air pressure is checked often.
House Calls: March 2012 Print Email
Furnace Inefficiency

Dear RV Doctor:
I have an older motorhome with two sideways-mounted propane tanks in the compartment. My furnace was working fine until one of my propane tanks ran out and I turned the other one on. Must both tanks be turned on at the same time for the furnace to heat properly?
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