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Family Motor Coaching magazine | September 2012
The Basics Of Flat Towing Print Email
Leaving the motorhome in a safe harbor and driving a smaller vehicle is more fun, less stressful, more economical, and safer, especially when trying to get through rush-hour traffic or navigate winding mountain roads. That’s why so many people choose to tow another vehicle behind their motorhome when traveling.
Towed-Vehicle Battery Charging Print Email
One of the most frustrating things that can occur during an RV trip is arriving at the day’s destination with a discharged battery in the towed vehicle.
Roadtrek Ranger RT Print Email
Roadtrek’s new Ranger RT was designed for a particular niche. The company’s objective is to offer a fully equipped Type B motorhome at a lower price point. The vehicle has all the utility and functionality of a large SUV but can be used for vacations as well as shorter outings.
A "Bucket List" For Arizona's 100th Print Email
As an Arizona resident, I'd like to share my suggestions of the state’s top must-see attractions. They’re listed as best as possible in the order in which they can be visited when entering from New Mexico in the north on Interstate 40 and exiting Arizona back to New Mexico in the south on Interstate 10.
Truline RV: Rehab And Update Specialists Print Email
Spokane, Washington, makes a great travel destination. Spokane is also a desirable location for owners of motorhomes and other RVs who might like to give their vehicles a new look, or at least some tender loving care, at Truline RV.
President's Message: The Trip Is The Destination Print Email
The first gray and white threads of dawn were just starting to streak across the eastern horizon. It was the third week of July, and Jean and I were getting ready to depart for a rally in North Carolina. The birds had been up for about a half-hour, and the fresh, sweet, moist smell of clover in the field gave a special welcoming perfume to this new day.
Executive Director's Commentary: 'This Is A Beginning ' Print Email
Those were the first words on the inside front cover of Family Motor Coaching’s inaugural publication on February 15, 1964. The author, Bob Richter, one of the architects and the first national president of Family Motor Coach Association, was among those who had a vision for an association that would be an information source to thousands of adventurers pursuing a new form of travel.
Readers' Forum: September 2012 Print Email
Making Connections

Dear Editor:
With regard to the "Multiple Water Connections" tip in the June 2012 “Tech & Travel Tips” column (page 25), readers should be reminded not to use plastic "Y" connectors.

Tech Talk: September 2012 Print Email
Extended Storage

In the December 2011 issue of Family Motor Coaching, the answer to Don Loudermilk’s “Storage Question” letter (page 20) states that you should place pieces of plywood under the tires of the motorhome when storing it. I have a Prevost XLII with air support...

Recall Corner: September 2012 Print Email
The following companies have recalls detailed in this month's Recall Corner: Entegra Coach and Forest River.
House Calls: September 2012 Print Email
Elusive Water Tank Drain

Dear RV Doctor:
My wife and I recently retired and are new to the RV lifestyle. We love it so far, but for the life of me, I cannot find the outlet to drain the water out of the fresh water tank so I can sanitize it.

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