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Celebrating Freedom And Fun

In early August, motorhomers from all geographic points descended on western Massachusetts’ Pioneer Valley, heeding the call to "Celebrate Your Freedom" — theme of the association's 94th International Convention — August 3-6, 2016.

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Dayton, Ohio: City Of Invention

Dayton, Ohio, has a secret and it affects all of us.  It is one of the most innovative cities in the country.  While the airplane may be the most famous invention by Daytonians, many of their lesser-known creations also affect our daily life.  

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Wharton Esherick: An American Original

A sculptor of wood furniture who did not like parallel lines or symmetry — this could be one description of Wharton Esherick. He also made smaller objects from wood, such as board game pieces. Esherick’s artistry extended to the publishing trade, too, in the form of hundreds of woodcut prints used as book and magazine illustrations. 

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