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Keep It Cold

The performance of ammonia absorption refrigerators, which are common in motorhomes, can be affected by several factors. Some, such as the weather or grandchildren who frequently raid the fridge, may not be within your control, but most are.

Golden Entertainment

This month, FMCA members will arrive in the city of Pomona, anticipating many pleasurable activities scheduled during the association's “California Gold” Family Reunion and Motorhome Showcase, March 26-29. That includes two nights of top-notch entertainment attendees won't want to miss.

Springtime on the Blue Ridge Parkway

It’s called the Blue Ridge because, from a distance, this ancient mountain range looks pale blue. To European explorers, it was the first great barrier to the way west. To the mountain folk who made it their home (both Indians and settlers), it provided a good living, if you knew its secrets. To modern travelers it holds “America’s Favorite Drive.”