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Rearview Camera Upgrade

The cost has fallen for color cameras and monitors, which are an improvement over their older black-and-white counterparts. It takes a bit longer for the human brain to decode a black-and-white image compared to a color one. With a color image, therefore, the eyes can spend less time staring at the screen and more time looking at the road.  

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Chassis Alignment Checkup

Proper chassis alignment is critical to any vehicle, especially a large motorhome. Tires must track correctly in order to provide a stable platform so that the coach handles smoothly and safely. If the alignment is off, not only will the tires wear prematurely, but the motorhome can be difficult to control. 

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Airstream Interstate Grand Tour

Cradled on a 3500 Series Mercedes-Benz Sprinter EXT unibody van chassis, the 2016 Interstate from Airstream Inc. is ready to roll — in style. Though long known for building distinctive travel trailers, Airstream also constructs Type B motorhomes for its Touring Coaches line.

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Celebrate Your Freedom Entertainment

It’s time to celebrate! Celebrate what, you ask? How about the freedom to travel, to live unencumbered, to enjoy one’s motorhome and all that goes with it. Folks who attend FMCA’s 94th Family Reunion & Motorhome Showcase, August 3-6 in West Springfield, Massachusetts, will be in the heart of such festivities at the Eastern States Exposition, home of the BIG E.

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West Springfield Youth Program

Do you travel with young children or grandchildren? If so, you’ll want to know that planning is well under way for the Youth Program at FMCA's Family Reunion and Motorhome Showcase, August 3 through 6 in West Springfield, Massachusetts, at the Eastern States Exposition, Home of the BIG E. 

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Seven Must-See Stops On The Mohawk Trail

Long before motorhomes were invented, an ancient footpath served as a travel route across what is now northwestern Massachusetts. Known as the Mohawk Trail, the famed path was created more than 10,000 years ago as American Indians walked, hunted, and traded along the region’s winding rivers.

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Lowell: Massachusetts’ Mill City

Towns get started for many reasons. For Lowell, Massachusetts, it was the rapidly moving Merrimack River. This waterway supplied the power that turned the belts that powered the machines that wove the fabrics. Textile company owners devised a complex system of locks and canals that diverted water from the Merrimack to the factories along its banks.

The Lure Of Alaska

Let’s say you went to the moon, returned to Earth, and then embarked on a trip that took you nine-tenths of the way around the world. After all that, you would have journeyed about half a million miles. That’s how far Will and Charlene Triplet, F395462, have traveled in an RV since 1964, when they rented a travel trailer on their honeymoon.