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Testing Air Brakes

The August issue of Family Motor Coaching contained an article titled “Understanding Air Brakes,” which explained the components of air brake systems and how they operate. Now we turn our attention to testing and troubleshooting such systems.

A Small Rig Living Large


The motorhome was parked next to a dumpster, which seemed fitting for the tired old relic of the past. It wasn’t the weathered, rotted awning silhouetted against the dark sky that caught our imagination. It wasn’t the flat tire, or the greasy odor, or the critters that made their home in the wheel wells. It wasn’t the faded, peeling paint or the rusted, dented hubcaps that captivated us.

Connect With RV Friends: Join RVillage

Have you heard the buzz about the social media platform built by RVers for RVers? FMCA has embraced this rapidly growing site — — and is working closely with the team at RVillage to help FMCA members connect with each other and with other RV owners.

Rallying With Kiwi "Movanners"

So you've been to all of FMCA’s area rallies and attended a convention or three. Seen every state, every Canadian province, and a few territories for good measure. But wait! How about attending a major motorhome rally away from your “comfort zone” — or better still, away from your continent?

Freedom To Roam

Ah, retirement. One of its great rewards, eagerly anticipated by many, is the freedom to travel. Sounds nice, but Ben and Rebecca Pazdernik, F458300, aren’t waiting around. Instead, they reconfigured their lives so they can travel now, while they’re young and — dare we say it? — restless.

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