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Tire Monitoring Systems

Checking the tires each morning while they’re cold is a good practice, but it doesn’t offer protection against a loss of pressure while driving. For that, a tire pressure monitoring system, or TPMS, is needed.


SeeLevel Tank Monitoring Systems

A motorhome is somewhat self-sufficient. It carries fresh water and hauls holding tanks that capture gray water from the sinks and black water from the toilet. The RV’s tank monitoring system is designed to indicate how much fresh water remains and how much room is left in the holding tanks.

Surprising Spokane

Part of the pleasure of RV travel is discovering not just wilderness and beautiful roads but cities as well. The latter may require a towed car to visit, as Spokane does, but they can yield great sights and activities. Washington’s second-largest city is filled with gardens, walkways, art, and nostalgia.


Rugby And The Upper Cumberland

Here’s a short geography quiz: What lies northwest of Knoxville, Tennessee, and often gets forgotten by tourists in favor of the Great Smoky Mountains? No fair checking the map. Give up? It’s a scenic region of Tennessee called the Upper Cumberland. 


Lassen Volcanic National Park

Destinations attractive to inveterate travelers come in many forms. Perhaps it’s a majestic peak, or a beautiful alpine lake, or a seemingly endless expanse of forest. My preference is for places that help to explain how the world as we know it came to be. Lassen Volcanic National Park is such a place.