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Generator Care

The generator is a key component of a motorhome. When shore power is not available, the generator powers many electrical devices, from the microwave oven that heats our meals to the rooftop air conditioner that cools the coach. And, yet, the generator is undoubtedly one of the RV’s most overlooked items. 


Allegro Bus 45LP

The Allegro Bus is one of Tiffin Motorhomes’ crowning achievements. Designed for use in a full-time environment, it’s been well accepted by both full-time and part-time motorhome travelers.


Two Lanes To Paradise

Our first trip to Key West was in a Volkswagen Microbus. Since then, my husband, Gordon, and I have logged many miles in the Florida Keys, either in our Type C motorhome, by private plane, or by sailboat. The Keys are America’s Riviera, a vacation bonanza like no other. 


El Paso’s Mission Trail

That left shoulder of Texas — the point that reaches farthest west and is flanked by New Mexico and Mexico — is where the town of El Paso resides. If you are thinking of putting El Paso in your travel plans, you will be in good company.