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Replacing An Ice Maker Water Line

RV refrigerators equipped with an ice maker have one vulnerable water line — the line that runs from the water solenoid valve up the back of the refrigerator to the ice maker’s fill-tube connection. That water line is subjected to extreme temperatures that may deteriorate the plastic, allowing water to leak into the refrigerator compartment with every water-fill cycle.

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Understanding Air Brakes

Hydraulic brakes perform well on relatively lightweight motorhomes, but heavy vehicles need more braking capacity. That’s why diesel-powered Type A motorhomes usually are equipped with air brakes. Read on to gain a better understanding of air brake systems.

Converts To Camping

It often happens this way: Children go camping with family and friends, and the experience instills in them a love of nature hikes, cookouts, campfires, stargazing, and so much more. When those kids become adults, they want to continue camping, but amid more creature comforts. So, they consider buying a motorhome.

The Alaska Highway, Then And Now

It’s not just another long weekend getaway or Sunday drive! It’s a commitment that requires planning and preparation. But for the motorhome enthusiast who wants to explore a slice of American history and experience a memorable adventure, driving the Alaska Highway will not disappoint.

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In Search Of Denali

Alaska is a popular place for motorhome enthusiasts and, once there, few are going to pass up the opportunity to view North America’s highest peak. At 20,310 feet, Denali is North America’s answer to famous mountains elsewhere. 

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