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Readers’ Forum: April 2015

The Real Cost  And Value Of Motorhoming

Dear Editor:
In the February 2015 “RV News & Notes” column (page 45), you included the results of a study commissioned by Recreation Vehicle Industry Association about motorhome vacation cost versus other forms of vacation travel (“Motorhomes Shine In Vacation Cost Study”).


Tech Talk: April 2015

Gen Set Info
The December 2014 “Readers’ Forum” column (page 16) mentioned that any generator with two legs of 120 volts AC could be connected to provide 240 volts AC output. Twenty years ago I went through this with Onan, and they said the generator absolutely was not designed to do that.


House Calls: April 2015

Multiple TV Failures

Dear RV Doctor:
I have a 2010 Winnebago Aspect that I purchased new in 2011. I have been through three televisions. A TV repairperson checked them and said the inverters failed on all three. One repair technician found it odd that there is no insulation behind the entertainment center.