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Readers’ Forum: June 2016

Quilts And Quilters  To Meet At Next Family Reunion
Dear Editor:
In early August, FMCA’s On-Road Quilters will meet during the 94th Family Reunion & Motorhome Showcase, at the Eastern States Exposition (ESE), home of the BIG E, in West Springfield, Massachusetts. If you’re a quilter, too, please join us.

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House Calls: June 2016

Heating Water Quickly
Dear RV Doctor:
When we need almost instant hot water, we occasionally fire up the water heater using both gas and electric at the same time. Is that acceptable, or will it cause damage?

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Tech & Travel Tips: June

Additional Extinguisher 
We recently switched from a fifth wheel to a motorhome, and while lying in bed one night, I thought about the location of the fire extinguisher. Ours is at the entrance door, and I would guess most others are also. If you are in bed when a fire starts, most likely in the kitchen area, how will you get to the extinguisher?

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Family & Friends: Family Reunion Offered Warm Welcome To Newcomers

Joining a new group can cause a tremendous amount of nervousness. Will I fit in? Will the group like me? Am I cool enough to hang out with such a crowd? For my husband, Ryan, and I and our two young daughters, attending our first FMCA Family Reunion & Motorhome Showcase this past March in Perry, Georgia, turned out to be as easy as eating a piece of pecan pie.

RV Products: June 2016


Mini Lantern 
Everybody needs a little light in their life. The WD180 from Olympia is a palm-sized, rechargeable lantern with a magnetic base that can be mounted on any metal surface. You also can place it upright, adjust its feet to angle the light, or hang it using the built-in clip. 

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