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President’s Message: From East To West

Hello, My Fellow FMCA Family. What a great time we had at the Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield, Massachusetts, in early August. A total of 1,305 motorhomes were on hand for the “Celebrate Your Freedom” event, FMCA’s 94th International Convention, including the 248 motorhomes that were on display and open for touring. And celebrate we did!

Readers’ Forum: October 2016

Have A Backup Plan
A letter in the August 2016 issue from Don and Martha Copeland (“FMCA Family Is There to Help,” page 12) prompted me to write this letter. In 2001 when my husband and I purchased our first Type A motorhome, I started reading Family Motor Coaching and other RV publications.

Tech Talk: October 2016

Low Ground Clearance
I purchased a 2014 Type A motorhome. It was jacked up at the time, and I did not notice the low ground clearance of the 10-foot overhang behind the rear duals. I have talked to the motorhome manufacturer, and they say it is a problem of the chassis manufacturer. I talked to the chassis manufacturer, and they say it is a problem of the motorhome manufacturer. I cannot find anyone who can help.

House Calls: October 2016

Water Pump Won’t Shut Off
Something is wrong with my three-way water pump system. The pump will not turn off at any of the switches. The green light goes out when I push a switch, but as soon as a sink faucet demands water, the light comes back on and the pump comes on.

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