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Readers’ Forum: October 2015

Great Stops
Dear Editor:
Regarding the June 2016 48-day Alaska caravan led by Fantasy RV Tours (advertised on page 11 of the July 2015 issue), I have been to all of the places the caravan will visit, and then some. I highly recommend the trip.

Tech Talk: October 2015

Towing Guide Information Family Motor Coaching’s “Towables for 2015” (January 2015, page 44) does not include the Jeep Liberty. It was listed from 2002 through 2012, but not beyond. Does that imply that the manufacturer no longer deems the 2013 vehicle towable? What about all those prior years?

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House Calls: October 2015

How Best To Test
Dear RV Doctor:
In the past, you have said that a good RV technician would test a propane system at the main regulator using a propane testing device and manometer. The tests include measuring and setting the operating line pressure, verifying the lock-up pressure ...