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President’s Message: Fun With The “Family”

As the saying goes, time marches on. As I write this, national senior vice president Jon Walker, Gloria, and I have just left the Western Area Rally in Indio, California. We are getting ready for the Southeast Area Rally in Sarasota, Florida, in February, and we expect we will have a great time with many of you there.


Readers’ Forum: March 2015

FMCA 2014 Convention History
The “FMCA Convention History” in the January 2015 issue (page 320), which lists previous FMCA convention dates, locations, and coach counts, erroneously indicated that the 89th and 90th Family Reunions in Perry, Georgia, and Redmond, Oregon, respectively, occurred in 2015.

Tech Talk: March 2015

Owners Manual Info
I have a 2011 Sportscoach Pathfinder. Have you seen a specific year and model owners manual for this coach? All I have is a generic motorhome manual from Coachmen for all types of motorized RVs, and it is too general in its content. 

House Calls: March 2015

Sticky Leveling Situation
Dear RV Doctor:
We have a 2007 “new to us” Georgetown motorhome. We have used the Lippert Components leveling system five times — during the walk-around at the dealer when we picked it up (worked fine); that evening at a campground (worked fine); in our driveway a couple of weeks later (all jacks stuck down); camping a couple of weeks later (worked fine); and during an end-of-season trip (rear jacks stuck down).

Tech & Travel Tips: March 2015

Level Parking 
We all know the importance of the motorhome being relatively level when parked — for efficient operation of the refrigerator and also for comfort inside the RV. Normally, when settling in to a new site, the driver has to move the motorhome back and forth while the copilot stands next to the bubble levels inside and gives directions to help level the vehicle.