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Since 1964 motorhome owners have turned the pages of Family Motor Coaching magazine for motorhoming information. Motorhome maintenance, motorhome reviews, motorhome destinations, motorhome news — it’s all covered in the official monthly publication of the Family Motor Coach Association.

FMCA members receive Family Motor Coaching for free as a member benefit. In fact, members frequently refer to the magazine as their favorite member benefit and their most preferred RV/travel publication.

The first issue of Family Motor Coaching magazine was dated February 15, 1964. Initially the magazine was printed quarterly. In February 1971 it began to be published bimonthly, until January 1978, when it began new life as a monthly publication.

Members and subscribers continue to enjoy reading about technical aspects of motorhoming, motor coach accessories, travel destinations, and do-it-yourself projects. Every issue contains columns and motorhoming articles written by technical experts and aficionados of the motorhome lifestyle.

Anyone who is interested in motorhoming can subscribe to Family Motor Coaching magazine. So if you still dream of owning a motorhome and want to learn everything about the motorhome lifestyle in the meantime, Family Motor Coaching is just the ticket.

Once you find a motorhome that suits your needs, we invite you to convert your subscription to a full membership and thus receive all of the fantastic FMCA member benefits. The monthly magazine is only one of many!

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Family Motor Coaching magazine is printed 12 times per year. In conjunction with FMCmagazine.com and FMCA.com, it offers effective ways to reach FMCA's large, influential and loyal group of motorhome enthusiasts.

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