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Rear View: December 2009

'Tis the time for December celebrations. In the spirit of the season, several RVers tell us how they put their own spin on special days throughout the year by answering the question: How do you decorate your motorhome for the holidays?

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We love to decorate for holidays, but our favorite, by far, is Christmas. Being a Florida lighthouse keeper's daughter, I choose a lighthouse theme for our motorhome. Green garlands outline our side windows and windshield. Ceramic lighthouses flash on the dash, as well as on counters in the kitchen and bath. Fresh pine and candle arrangements add a festive touch and a wonderful aroma. A small Christmas tree (a 20-year-old family relic) graces the dinette. Outside, next to the portable fireplace and a decorated six-foot-tall palm tree, awning lights illuminate serving tables covered with red tablecloths, more ceramic lighthouses, floral arrangements, and lots of special holiday foods, including a Christmas cake. Each year we invite family and friends to the beautiful lighthouse Christmas lighting ceremony on Gasparilla Island, followed by a late beach buffet supper and camaraderie at our lovely, decked-out motorhome. Even our wonderful park rangers partake.

Dick and Dian Miller, F258174
Sarasota, Florida

When someone asks, "What holiday is coming up?" they only have to look at our motorhome and all its decorations to learn the answer. Jeanne has a slew of decorations for each holiday, including a full collection of seasonal crafts. Each holiday's decorations are painstakingly added to the motorhome in a way to make it inviting and a reflection of her pride in that holiday or event. She loves her festive flags and whirligigs for outside decorations, and lights and vines of appropriate colors on the slideouts to make the motorhome glow from within. She has four focus points: 1. the front of the motorhome, including glass for cling-on decorations and a wire basket for appropriate flower decorations; 2. the front slideout, on which to display vines of all seasons, plus lights; 3. the motorhome bedroom, with a decorative turkey wearing handmade clothes; 4. the motorhome exterior, which bears flags and banners of the season. The day after a holiday is over, Jeanne removes and stores that holiday's crafts and begins planning for the next holiday.

Chuck and Jeanne Fingerman, F345878
Emery, South Dakota

I used to decorate my motorhome dash for each holiday, but living in sunny Florida, I needed to keep my curtains closed to protect the coach from the summer heat. My daughter gave me a black iron tree that sits on my steering wheel table. It has several branches that extend from a central trunk. I glued clothespins to the backs of small silver frames to hang on the main branches. Now I fill in with small items that identify each season or holiday. I began in January with snowflakes. Hearts and Mardi Gras took care of February. March and April were shamrocks and Easter. I used spring flowers in May. The summer months were covered with seashells and, of course, I had flags for the Fourth of July. September was my favorite; since I am a retired teacher, I hung small school supplies such as a stapler, a pencil sharpener, and erasers. I am definitely looking forward to the rest of the holidays.

Elba Matherne, F244366
Clermont, Florida

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