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Rear View: November 2009

This month, FMCA members put on their thinking caps to answer a fun hypothetical question:

What famous person would you like to go motorhoming with, and why?

I chose the Ingalls family from "Little House On The Prairie." The qualities that I most admire and think are essential to RVing are a pioneer spirit and an ability to adapt to new surroundings. Since the Ingalls family might not have seen an automobile, let alone an RV, they would be thrilled to join my hubby and me on our travels down life's highway (literally and figuratively). Any mechanical problems could be solved by my handy mate, ably assisted by Charles Ingalls. Charles built his home in Walnut Grove himself, so he would have no difficulty in that area! The Ingalls family would most assuredly appreciate the beauty of America's landscape, as do we! We would have fun!

Evie Kaden, F321145
Richmond Heights, Ohio

I would love to have the opportunity to motorhome with Matthew McConaughey. Not only is he a gorgeous and talented actor, but he seems like a very down-to-earth person. It would be nice to be on the road with not only a celebrity, but a celebrity who knew what they were doing behind the wheel of my rig! Matthew once said this about RVing: "There's nothing not to like about it. The freedom of being able to pull up, stop, power up anywhere you want – beach or whatever. Set up and have your front yard different every single day. Whatever you want it to be, and to see the country that way – it's awesome." I agree with him, and I know we would have fun with a different front yard every single day.

Stephanie Martin
Phoenix, Arizona

I would choose the Queen, Paula Deen, to tag-tour my road trip. With her nautical experience (she's married to a tugboat pilot), her copilot job would include selecting the very best waterfront sites. If we run short of money on this trip, we could hold a BBD ("Babes with Big Dreams") benefit! She is all about Southern hospitality, and we would, without a doubt, be welcomed everywhere. Down-home comfort food goes a long way on the road. With a little advice and a "tune-up" from Paula, I could reap the positive benefits of borrowing her clothes. I am size-perfect, too. And my hair is white, so with a new "do," you could hardly tell us apart. Of course, there may be days when I need an extra boost, so then I could borrow Paula's jewelry. If you pass us on the road, I am the one with the new hair and the best jewelry. Honk if I need to pull over!

Patricia Davis
Via E-Mail

Future questions:
1. If you've owned more than one motorhome, which has been your favorite (year, make, and model), and why?
2. Describe a romantic site or getaway you've traveled to by motorhome.


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