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The Dash Cam Decision

Dashboard cameras are growing in popularity. A camera mounted in the windshield area records video as a vehicle travels down the road. Technology has progressed to the point where many dash cams are quite affordable. So, should you get one?

Jayco Alante

A spacious interior, expansive front windows, and smooth suspension and handling make this motorhome a contender in the entry-level Type A category.

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A Cross-“Country” Journey

Cale Moon sat sideways in the driver’s seat of his 2004 Monaco Diplomat motorhome, strumming his guitar and singing softly before a paid gig later that night at a dance hall. The 22-year-old country singer was taking advantage of his time in Coburg, Oregon, where repairs were made to the family coach before the next cross-country trip to Nashville, Tennessee.

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Next Coach Stop: Chandler, Arizona

Phoenix rises from the Arizona desert in an unassuming way. Tall buildings are scarce; the highest has 40 floors. But what it lacks in height, it more than makes up for in breadth. Its suburban area is exponentially bigger than its downtown. One of those areas, southeast of Phoenix, is the city of Chandler. 

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